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We mentioned earlier that the Babylonians were not the very first astrologers. There were others before them. Well, the Babylonians were also not the only astrologers of their time-almost every ancient civilization had them. Most other astrologers thought that all celestial signs were either visible eclipses, comets, or NEW STARS, such as a nova. For example, it is now known that around the time that Jesus of Nazareth was born there was a nova, but such celestial events were very rare and unusual. After the nova that heralded the birth of Christ, there was not another one for over 1,000 years. Even comets and visible eclipses were so rare that to limit the definition of celestial signs to only such occurrences rendered astrology virtually useless as a predictive methodology. This was because by using only such criteria, celestial signs occurred far less often than the actual mega-events they were meant to predict.

Fortunately for astrology, though, the Babylonian astrologers were much better at research than their counterparts in other cultures. During the time that the Babylonians were improving and developing the way that they drew maps of the sky, they were already drawing and storing these daily maps. In addition, they were recording the important events that occurred during each day. Most important, the Babylonian astrologers were also comparing each day's significant events to the changing positions of the planets. For thousands of years, they kept analyzing the positions of the planets on the days when the most historic events happened. The type of events they were interested in included incidents of war breaking out; a peace treaty being signed or broken; a flood, famine, plague, or an earthquake; the birth of someone noteworthy such as a king or great soldier; or the death of such a person. For every day that such a mega-event occurred, the Babylonians studied their circular maps of the planets to detect celestial signs made by the planets. The Babylonians did this for centuries and centuries-and millennia.

To the Babylonians, the whole purpose of all of this work was to see if they could recognize celestial signs in the heavens and predict when something very important was going to happen. Lo and behold, after thousands of years of analyzing and comparing such data, the Babylonians were able to make a series of monumental discoveries that laid the foundation for modern astrology as we know it.

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