The Babylonians Discover Some Crucial Symbolisms

Although using historic dates in astrological research in the way we did is very enlightening, it also has its limitations. You cannot obtain the full scope of a planet's symbolisms by using the birth charts of only mega-events of history. You also need to include the birth charts of special people and ordinary people. For at least a thousand years before the Babylonians made the discoveries of the key symbolisms of the planets, it was decreed by many Babylonian monarchs that the birth dates of every newborn child should be recorded, and it was these records that allowed them to effectively determine a wide range of the symbolisms of the planets.

The Babylonian astrologers were meticulous in their record keeping and took great pains to detail what happened to each child. Did a female child become beautiful and have a happy marriage? Did a male child become a good farmer or soldier? Or perhaps a musician or poet? Did a child have a long and successful life? Or did the person die young in battle or for another tragic reason, such as a disease?

From all of these records, the Babylonians were able to determine some of the most important symbolisms of the planets that we are aware of, and a majority of these symbolisms were so well derived that they still work today.

For example, it was the Babylonians who discovered that Venus had an effect on attraction, desire, beauty, and partnerships; and that one of Jupiter's symbolisms was that it bestowed good luck and the horn of plenty, which are pretty important symbolisms to know.

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