Ted Turner

Ted Turner's Planetary Geometry also precisely defined his area of greatest ability (Figure 5B). Turner is the man responsible for bringing us CNN (the Cable News Network) and TBS (the Turner Broadcasting System). He revolutionized news broadcasting with CNN and its round-the-clock news programming, which is now seen worldwide, even in China and Russia. CNN is the most widely broadcast television channel in the world. In addition, Turner brought the baseball games of the Atlanta Braves to all of America and made the Braves the most watched baseball team ever. He recently sold his interests in TBS and CNN to Time Warner and became wealthy enough to make the biggest donation in history-about a billion dollars-to the United Nations. All of this fits perfectly with his Planetary Geometry.

Like Baryshnikov, Turner was born with a Yod, Turner's Yod is comprised of Uranus, Mercury, and Mars. Can you believe it'? This Yod is symbolic of broadcasting (Uranus)-both news (Mercury) and sports (Mars)-and means that Turner was best suited for that business. Turner also has a conjunction of Venus and Sun; quite often, this aspect makes the person very attractive because Venus rules beauty. By most standards, Turner fits that manifestation of the Sun-Venus aspect.

Also, Turner's Sun is squared by Jupiter. Jupiter rules generosity, so this aspect can help us figure out why Turner made the biggest charitable contribution in history.

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