Symmetrical Patterns Are Examples of the Most Powerful Form of Planetary Geometry

The Babylonian style of alignment charts for the day Napoleon was born and the day that Hitler invaded Poland are good examples of how useful Planetary Geometry really is to astrology. All alignments of planets in the sky are forms of Planetary Geometry, and Grand Trines are among the most consequential and powerful. When a Grand Trine is formed, it almost always has a noticeable impact.

As other examples of what we mean by consequential Planetary Geometry, at the end of this chapter (Figures 31 and 3J), we have provided the Babylonian style of alignment charts for the two most devastating earthquakes ever to hit the United States. They were both in San Francisco. Notice that on both dates, three planets formed one of the symmetrical patterns that we showed you a few pages ago. On the days of both San Francisco earthquakes, three planets formed the exact same symmetrical shape, a pattern called the T-square. The only difference is that one T-square is the mirror image of the other and is therefore rotated 180 degrees. But they are both the same shape of symmetrical pattern.

"Coincidences" such as these encouraged the Babylonians to believe in the power of symmetrical patterns and to continue to search for astrologically based celestial signs as a way of predicting the days when significant events would occur.

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