Super Linkages

A linkage is formed between two persons whenever one person's natal planet is aligned at a linking angle to any natal planet of the other person. Linkages are important, but a SUPER LINKAGE is much more powerful and is a concept unique to Magi Astrology.

Two people form a Super Linkage whenever one person has a planetary aspect, and the other person has a natal planet that forms a linkage angle to any of the two planets of the aspect.

In essence, a Super Linkage occurs when one person's natal planet links with another person's natal aspect. There are always three planets involved in a Super Linkage. An example of this is the Super Linkage between Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. Earlier, we explained what a Combined Alignment Chart is. The Gable-Lombard Combined Alignment Chart is at the end of Chapter 3, and their individual charts are Figures 6C and 6D at the end of this chapter. As the charts illustrate, Gable was born with an aspect of Sun trine Pluto, and Lombard's Sun forms a linkage with Gable's Sun-Pluto trine by being at a linkage angle (120 degrees) to Gable's Pluto. This creates a Super Linkage. Lombard's Sun also forms a linkage angle to Gable's Sun, thus forming a second linkage. To form a Super Linkage, it is necessary to have three planets and only one linkage. We also allow a slightly wider orb (up to 4 degrees).

A Super Linkage always has three planets and two interaspects, and at least one of them has to be a linkage (120, 150, or 0 degrees). The other interaspect can be any other angle, even an activation angle.

Whenever the natal planets of any two persons form a Super Linkage, it is the astrological focus of the relationship between the two connected persons. Once you learn how to analyze Super Linkages, you can finally answer the question: Will you marry this person?

This is because if a Super Linkage includes a Chiron Linkage, then the chance of a marriage between the linked persons is uncommonly high. A Chiron Linkage is one formed between Chiron and another planet. Chiron is the magical ingredient that results in marriages. In our research, we discovered that most married couples form a Super Linkage that has a Chiron Linkage. We call such a Super Linkage a ROMANTIC SUPER LINKAGE. It is by far the most powerful and reliable astrological indication of whether two persons will get married. We also discovered that couples who break up without getting married usually do not have Romantic Super Linkages. This is so important that it bears repeating:

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