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Planetary aspects are the building blocks of complex Planetary Geometry. Every aspect is important, but some are more important than others. There are quite a few possible pairings of planets that can make aspects. The most powerful ones are SUPER ASPECTS. The term SUPER ASPECT was introduced in Astrology Really Works!, which identified 12 aspects that were generally the most useful and helpful for anyone or anything to have, including weddings. These 12 aspects were collectively referred to as Super Aspects, and gave everyone who was born with one of them a jump-start on achieving the maximum success. Here are the 12 Super Aspects:

1. Jupiter enhancem ent of Pluto

2. Venus enhancement of Pluto

3. Pluto enhancement of the Sun

4. Uranus enhancement of Pluto

5. Jupiter enhancem ent of the Sun

6. Jupiter enhancem ent of Venus

7. Jupiter enhancement of Uranus

8. Jupiter enhancem ent of Neptune

9. Uranus enhancement of Venus

10. Neptune enhancement of Venus

11. Uranus enhancement of the Sun

12. Neptune enhancement of the Sun

After monumental research, the Magi Society discovered that each and every one of these 12 Super Aspects is a significant help to anyone blessed enough to be born with one. But the key is that they are equally helpful for businesses and marriages (with two exceptions to be discussed).

Of these 12 Super Aspects, the Jupiter-Pluto enhancement and the Jupiter-Uranus enhancement were given special names because they were the most special. The Jupiter-Pluto enhancement was named the SUPER SUCCESS ASPECT because it was measurably more powerful than any other aspect in helping the native achieve super success. Seven out of eight of America's richest men (as determined by Forbes magazine in 1995) were born with that aspect. This makes sense from the symbolisms of Jupiter and Pluto, since Pluto rules power, big business, and profits from business and competition; and Jupiter rules enrichment, success, and good fortune. All of the eight billionaires listed in Forbes as the richest individuals in America made their fortunes in big business, the way their Jupiter-Pluto aspects would predict.

We gave the name SUPER FAME ASPECT to the Jupiter-Uranus enhancement because almost half of the preeminent actors in Hollywood have been born with that aspect. Uranus rules fame and the entertainment business, so once again, the symbolisms of the planets accurately predict the gifts and talents that this aspect signifies. Since another symbolism of Uranus is politics, this aspect also bestows great political skills. For example, Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich were born with this aspect.

When we wrote Astrology Really Works!, we decided not to include Chiron because the book was already breaking so much new ground that its addition would have been an information overload. Now that we have introduced you to the power and the true symbolisms of Chiron, we need to add three more aspects to the list of Super Aspects. They are all CHIRON ASPECTS, meaning they are aspects where Chiron is one of two planets that form the aspect. The three additional Super Aspects are the Jupiter-Chiron and Venus-Chiron enhancements-and also the very rare Chiron-Pluto enhancement.

Jupiter-Chiron is just as powerful as Jupiter-Pluto in certain ways. In any business that deals with the general public, this is the best aspect to pick when choosing a day for starting the business because the aspect bestows a fabulous public image (ruled by Chiron).

The Venus-Chiron enhancement is also one of the most powerful of all aspects for a Business Chart. The most logical interpretation is that of a career (Chiron) involved in making money (Venus). It can also lead to powerful charisma (Chiron). What may be the most important characteristic of this aspect is that Chiron works extraordinarily well with Venus because of the harmony of some of their rulerships. Chiron rules free enterprise and earning power, and Venus rules money. The combination of these two planets leads to a Super Aspect for business. For example, both Intel and Compaq have the Venus-Chiron enhancement aspect. Chiron-Pluto signifies a career (Chiron) that is profitable (Pluto) and powerful (Pluto), as well as being charismatic (Chiron). Obviously a Super Aspect.

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