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Many of you are probably aware of the general public's love affair with Sun Signs. Here are the 12 commonly known signs and some identifying characteristics of persons born under the signs:

* Aries: Adventuresome, impulsive, fearless, impatient, abrupt, zealous; has strong initiative and is a person of action.

* Taurus: Persistent, strong-willed, loyal, immovable, unchanging, trustworthy, reliable.

* Gemini: Punctual, gregarious, sociable, nervous, changeable, provocative, spontaneous.

* Cancer: Cautious, protective, sensitive, moody, emotional, home-loving, maternal or paternal.

* Leo: Forgiving, dramatic, snobbish, a conspicuous spender, has excessive self-esteem, generous.

* Virgo: Meticulous and organized, fussy and hypercritical, honest, conscientious, trusting.

* Libra: Gracious, harmonious, peace-loving, indecisive, unreliable, overly judgmental, loves luxury.

* Scorpio: Determined, intense, jealous, suspicious, secretive, passionate.

* Sagittarius: Fun-loving, optimistic, adaptable, manipulative, greedy.

* Capricorn: Ambitious, prudent, a good planner, frugal, not usually fun to be with, good provider, self-reliant.

* Aquarius: Idealistic, kind, free-spirited needs regular change and independence. The least predictable sign.

* Pisces: Compassionate, understanding, agreeable, careless, weak-willed, dependent on others.

During the last three decades, literally thousands of astrology books and hundreds of magazines have pushed the importance of Sun Signs to the very limit by applying it to compatibility-that is, trying to tell us which other Sun Signs we are, or are not, compatible with. Astrology owes a debt of gratitude to these magazines and books for helping to keep astrology in the minds of the public and expanding the borders of its popularity.

For most of us, our only real glimpse of astrology is Sun-Sign Astrology. But there is a drawback to this type of astrology. Many individuals who have tried to apply it to questions of compatibility know firsthand that Sun-Sign Astrology falls far short of being able to offer solutions to the ever-pressing problems related to love and human relationships. The magazines that publish astrology columns have wisely realized and accepted this shortcoming. That is why such columns are written more for entertainment purposes and for fun, as opposed to pretending to provide serious advice. Sun-Sign Astrology is just too general and too limited. For example, are you compatible with every Leo and incompatible with every Scorpio? Of course not. The fact is, you are compatible with some Leos and not other Leos; and we are all compatible with some people of every sign, and totally incompatible with some other people of every sign. So, obviously, Sun-Sign Astrology has severe limitations.

If astrology is to be truly useful and fulfill at least some of our needs, it has to be able to tell us whether or not we are compatible with this particular Leo, or that particular Scorpio, and so on, which is precisely why this book was written. The knowledge we provide will help you answer such questions accurately, helpfully, and with clarity.

In the past, in an attempt to answer specific questions, astrology books have expanded compatibility analysis to include not just the Sun Sign, but also the rising sign (or ASCENDANT) the Moon Sign, the Venus Sign, and the Mars Sign, and so on. For instance, are you compatible with someone whose Sun and ascendant are in Leo, and whose Moon is in Taurus and has Venus in Virgo? Although at first, one m ight think that this approach would be helpful, it is actually so confusing that rather than answering questions, this methodology creates all kinds of unanswered questions without ever helping you get closer to the answers of your original questions. If you've tried it, you already know its shortcomings. There are just too many conflicting interpretations to such an approach.

For example, the other person's Moon in Taurus is very compatible to your Sun, and is about average in compatibility to your Moon, but it is not good for your Mars or Venus. The other person's Venus in Leo is very com patible to your Venus and Moon, but not for your Mars or Sun. And your ascendants are only so-so in compatibility. So what does this all mean?

Confusion is what it means.

Besides these problems with Sun-Sign Astrology, there is that universally unresolved question: Why do people fall in love with someone who is not their "type"? We all have friends who have cut out magazine pictures of their supposed type for years, and dreamed about meeting him or her. Then they fall in love with someone who bears no resem blance to that fantasy.


To answer this question, and to find the astrological reasons to compatibility, emotional relationships, love, and marriage, the Magi Society recently concluded a three-year study of personal relationships. This study analyzed the birth charts of about 25,000 couples, of which over 17,000 had lifelong marriages lasting at least 20 years; and about 2,500 were engaged or living together for at least one year but never got married. There were almost 1,000 couples who broke up but later eventually married. We also researched about 5,000 couples who were married but later divorced. Whenever possible, we included in our research the birth charts of all of the subsequent spouses of divorced individuals. The study ultimately analyzed the birth charts of a little more than 55,000 persons. The results of this study were earthshaking.

We found out conclusively that it is not our Sun Signs, but our Planetary Geometry that determines who we are most harmonious with and who we will marry. By comparing the Planetary Geometry of the birth charts of any two individuals, we can accurately evaluate the nature and destiny of the relationship that two individuals are most likely to have. Planetary Geometry was also found to be the crucial astrological influence to emotional, sexual, spiritual, communicative, and intellectual compatibility issues. For thousands of years, astrologers have been seeking to unlock the secret celestial signs of love and marriage. It is Planetary Geometry that gives us such signs, but in order to master it, it's necessary to first understand Planetary Geometry's most important components, which are called PLANETARY ASPECTS.

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