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Are you undecided about a relationship? Or at least a little confused? Magi Astrology can help! Are you wondering if the person you think you love is the one you should marry? Do you wonder if there is someone else out there who could be better for you and be your real soulmate? We will show you how to resolve those dilemmas in this chapter.

Every day, millions of individuals are asking questions such as these:

* Should I break off this relationship now, or give it another chance?

* Why did I fall in love with someone who is not my type?

* What is it that creates that unique vibrant attraction between two people that everyone refers to as "chemistry"?

* Even m ore im portant, what is it that creates that m agical bond and love between two people such that they marry and become partners for life?

* What is the destiny of our relationship? Are we soulmates, great lovers, just playmates, or friends'?

* How is it that a pauper will marry a billionaire, and a commoner will marry royalty?

* How do ultra-glamorous superstars of Hollywood choose their spouses?

* Why is it that sometimes when I look at someone, I think, That is a gorgeous person but he/she does nothing for me ?

* Will I marry this person ... or will it be someone else?

These are the most important questions in a love relationship. From the very beginnings of the history of courtship and marriage, humankind has tried to find a way to accurately answer these questions. Our ancestors have used oracles, tea leaves, incantations, turtle shells, burnt ashes, and everything you can think of to try to answer such questions-but to no avail. Through the centuries, literally millions upon millions of women and men have truly spent the very best years of their lives in relationships that never resulted in marriage and family. Or even worse, they spent years in failed marriages and broken families. Most of these people wish that they had those years back and that they could undo their mistakes.

The problems have gotten much worse in recent times. The divorce rate has risen to around 50 percent. Now, more than ever before, there is a greater chance that we will devote ourselves to a significant other who ends up with someone else. It seems very unfair. The emotional pain can be unbearable, and the years wasted are irreplaceable, especially for women who want a fam ily. When a dream is shattered and cannot be put back together, it immobilizes us, affects us negatively in every segment of our lives, and can leave wounds or scars that never fully heal.

Is there a way to avoid this pain'?

We cannot guarantee that if you use Magi Astrology you will not ever go through a nearly paralyzing heartbreak. But we really believe we can help you significantly reduce the chances of going through such emotional torture. We are also confident that we can greatly improve your chances of attaining your dreams. You deserve it; we all do.

There are two areas in which we can be of the greatest help to anyone looking for happiness in love. The first step is to be realistic about a relationship. If we are not deluded by others and do not mislead ourselves, then we will not be as disappointed if a relationship unravels. This is because we will not have invested too much of our soul into a doomed relationship. In order to do so, we need to understand who we are with, know what we want out of a relationship, accurately assess what is possible with the relationship, and not be deceived by anyone, including ourselves. We can take a great step toward achieving all of this by mastering the Magi Astrology taught in this book.

The second step to achieving happiness in love is more exciting and proactive. It involves learning Electional Astrology the Magi way so that we can harness the power of the stars and use it to plan our lives and become more successful in our relationships than we would be had we not done so. For example, we can choose an extraordinarily favorable day to get married that could truly change and benefit our lives.

We've already started teaching you the basics of Electional Astrology, and we will bring you more information later on. In this chapter, we will focus on learning the Magi Astrology techniques that will help you be realistic about a relationship. You will learn to identify which of your relationships have the potential for marriage, and which do not. You will also learn about a key astrological factor that makes relationships long lasting. Through the newest techniques of Magi Astrology, you finally have an objective way to answer the question: Will I marry this person ... or someone else?

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