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It is a simple fact: some people are just more sexually oriented than others. There are those who can live without any sex for a long time; and there are those who cannot stand to go without sex for just a few days. This can cause extreme incompatibility.

Magi Astrology's rules of interpreting planetary aspects can forewarn us about such a problem. Quite often, in a love relationship, one person wants and needs much more sex than the other and this difference in sexual needs and desires can destroy an otherwise good relationship. This is certainly not the only form of sexual incompatibility, but this type of sexual incompatibility is the easiest thing to determine when you know Magi Astrology. That is because the sexual needs and capacities of a person are readily predictable by analyzing a person's planetary aspects, especially the ones that include a SEXUAL PLANET.

There are three sexual planets, meaning that there are three planets whose influences cover areas of sex They are Venus, Mars, and Pluto. If a person was born with an aspect formed by any two of these planets, then that person has a SEXUAL ASPECT and is highly sexual, meaning that the person both needs, and is capable of, a high degree of sexual activity in a relationship. To many such persons, quantity is quality, and if they have a partner, who cannot supply the quantity, they too often go and find someone who can supply it. Love and emotional attachment is usually a secondary issue to such people.

To be more specific, any aspect formed by any of the following three pairs of planets creates a Sexual Aspect, and a person who was born with any such aspect is usually a very sexual person, meaning that the person needs and can provide more sex than most, in terms of quantity:

* Venus and Pluto can mean desire (Venus) for the sex act (Pluto);

* Mars and Pluto can mean energy (Mars) to do the sex act (Pluto); and

* Venus and Mars can mean desire (Venus) and sexual energy (Mars).

From the symbolisms of astrology, it is easy to see why these three pair of planets create Sexual Aspects. As usual, the enhancement aspects are the most powerful in this regard. If someone was born with any of these aspects, especially if they are enhancement aspects, then they have Sexual Aspects and are usually highly sexual persons.

Who is an example of a person born with a Sexual Aspect?

* Prince Charles (surprised?).

* Also Prince Charles's mistress, Camilla Parker-Bowles. She has all three of the Sexual Aspects. This explains a few things, don't you think? Especially when you take into account that Princess Diana had no Sexual Aspects.

We will talk at greater length about these people later in this book. The important lesson now is that if someone was born with a Sexual Aspect, they are highly sexed, meaning they are capable of and demand more sex. If you are looking for great amounts of sex, they can provide it. The downside is that people with Sexual Aspects are less likely to remain faithful than those who do not have them-much less likely!

A Sexual Aspect makes the person less able to resist sexual temptations. Even worse, a Sexual Aspect makes the person search for and seek out new sexual conquests and experiences-or just a new sex partner. Sexually Aspected persons (those born with Sexual Aspects) are proud of their sexuality and sexual prowess and tend to look forward to showing off their capabilities to someone new.

There are, of course, other forms of sexual compatibility and incompatibility besides the type we have just discussed, and some of them are more important than this type. Later in this book, we will explain how to accurately assess whether two persons are sexually compatible in other ways.

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