Romance Linkages The Key to Long Term Attraction and Marriage

Any two planets can form a planetary linkage or activation. Linkages are more favorable than activations. The significance of a linkage depends on which planets create the linkage, although every linkage between two persons increases compatibility and enhances emotional ties between the connected persons. However, in all matters of love and marriage, the most helpful linkages that two persons can have are ROMANCE LINKAGES. There are four Romance Linkages, and they are:

1. Venus links Chiron, meaning uniting (Venus) into a family (Chiron) or combined (Venus) destinies (Chiron).

2. Venus links Neptune, meaning long-term (Neptune) attraction (Venus) and attachment (Venus).

3. Chiron links Neptune, meaning long-term (Neptune) marriage (Chiron).

4. Jupiter links Chiron, meaning successful (Jupiter) marriage (Chiron).

When a woman and man form two Romance Linkages, there is the likelihood of a significant romance between the two persons. Note that Chiron is a part of three of these linkages and is the most important Romance Planet.

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