Ralph Nader

In our first book, Astrology Really Works!, we went into great detail about how to interpret natal aspects. While doing research for that book, we carefully analyzed the Planetary Geometry of every person who had a truly extraordinary talent or ability. We found that these people always had Planetary Geometry that defined their unique capabilities. We discovered that every highly talented artist was born with the Planetary Geometry that symbolizes the specific talent the artist possesses; every great athlete has the Planetary Geometry that is necessary to become a great athlete in their particular sport; every great businessman has the Planetary Geometry to excel in the particular business in which the person achieved the greatest success. Planetary Geometry even works on careers you would never dream could be predictable through astrology.

For example, Ralph Nader has been the foremost consumer advocate in America (born 2/27/34; chart not shown). He is not a businessman or politician or entertainer or athlete. He is a consumer advocate. What could the Planetary Geometry of a consumer advocate possibly be? A Saturn-Pluto aspect! Nader was born with a natal aspect of Saturn quincunx Pluto. This is the aspect that means limitation (Saturn) of big business (Pluto) and power (Pluto). So Nader is successful as a consumer advocate because he has a special ability to limit big business, and counter big business's accumulation of power. Nader also has Jupiter quincunx to Mercury, which endows him with the ability to communicate (Mercury) very well (Jupiter) and to be able to give very noble (Jupiter) speeches (Mercury) about fairness (Jupiter) and integrity (Jupiter).

See how amazing natal aspects and Planetary Geometry are? They are SIGNS and clues as to how we can achieve the maximum success. So if you are wondering what career path to take, look at your stars, meaning look at your Planetary Geometry. But don't worry if you're not sure how to interpret it. We still have a lot to teach you about how to do that.

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