Planetary Synchronization Is the FOCUS of Every Chart

In any powerful chart, there are usually several important aspects, and it is sometimes difficult to determine what the FOCUS of the chart is. The focus of a chart is the most crucial Planetary Geometry of the chart, the one that is most defining, and the one that the other alignments are subordinate to. There is a very good general rule of Magi Astrology that will help us determine the focus of a chart:

Whenever there is a planetary synchronization, it is usually the focus of a chart. If there is more than one synchronization, then the one that is most exact is the focus.

If there is no synchronization, then the aspects are the focus of the chart.

The more exact the aspect, the more important the aspect.

We should point out that all dynamic symmetrical patterns are also planetary synchronizations, because all the planets match degrees and are therefore in synch to each other. Bearing this is mind, if you look back at every chart in this book, you will see that the focus of every chart is a synchronization. That is how important synchronizations are. Each synchronization can be interpreted by combining and integrating the symbolisms of each of the synchronized planets.

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