Planetary Linkages Are the Most Beneficial Interaspects

We explained in the last chapter that in Magi Astrology there are seven angles that can form a planetary aspect, and that all aspects that people are born with can be helpful in providing a special talent. But this is not the case with the seven angles of interaspects. When it comes to interaspects, some angles are good and some are not so good. The two enhancement angles (conjunction and trine) form the most harmonious and beneficial influences. So does the quincunx. An interaspect that is a trine, conjunction, or quincunx is very helpful in improving compatibility and increasing harmony between the two people whose natal planets form such an interaspect. Such interaspects create a strong LINK between the two individuals. For this reason, in Magi Astrology, we call such interaspects by a special name: PLANETARY LINKAGES. A planetary linkage is a type of interaspect, and it is formed when the angle between two different persons' natal planets are 0, 120, or 150 degrees. An orb of 3 degrees is allowed. When we are referring to the angles, the angles of 0, 120, and 150 degrees are collectively referred to as LINKAGE ANGLES. Such angles will quite literally link one person to another in a harmonious way and create long-term attraction and compatibility.

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