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Have you ever looked up at the nighttime sky and tried to find any of the planets? Have you ever in your mind drawn connecting lines between the positions of the planets and wondered if the lines and geometric figures thus created have any special meanings? Did you ever wonder if the various angles that the planets make to each other have any influence on life on Earth?

If you have ever done any of those things, then you have already had an intuitive brush with Magi Astrology's principle of Planetary Geometry. It is based on the lines, angles, shapes, and figures that are created when we draw connecting lines between the positions of the planets at the time someone is born. Because the planets are always moving, everybody is born with a unique Planetary Geometry, which is called the NATAL Planetary Geometry, and this has been the secret tool that has given the best Chinese astrologers their legendary capabilities. (Please note that when we refer to a person's natal Planetary Geometry, we will sometimes not include the word natal when the meaning is obvious.)

The Magi Society has just recently completed the most extensive and thorough research project into the astrology of personal relationships. As a result, we discovered that a person's Planetary Geometry is the single most powerful astrological influence on the outcome of his or her personal relationships of all kinds. In addition, it is natal Planetary Geometry that is the most accurate indication of the individuality of a person's essence, as well as the likely boundaries of that person's destiny.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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