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Even if two people look almost the same and act almost the same, you will always be more attracted to one of them than the other. There is something intangible yet very real that defines the essence of a person, and it is not the way the person looks or acts

When you are attracted to a person, It is the person's "energy" and essence that you are drawn to. But what is it that defines the essence and "energy" of an individual? This is an astrology book, so we believe that the essence of a person is defined by the positions of the planets at the moment of that person's birth.

Everyone's natal Planetary Geometry is different, and no one can truly imitate anyone else. Take Elvis Presley, for example. Elvis is the most imitated person of this century. His appeal is so great that literally dozens of men have made a living from imitating him. However, no one has ever fooled the audience, and no one ever will because it is impossible to successfully pretend you are someone else. Every person is unique and defined by their astrological chart. It was Elvis's unique Planetary Geometry that allowed him to sing about "a hunka hunka burning love" without being laughed off the stage. Instead, women screamed and fainted with burning love for him.

So when we are attracted to someone, it is the person's unique Planetary Geometry that somehow creates that magnetic attraction that we feel for him or her. Most of us refer to this attraction as "chemistry," but it is really PERSONAL ENERGY.

What is personal energy? It is one of the many things that scientists have not been able to detect, but which is Just as real as what they can detect with their instruments. The Magi Society cannot detect it either. It may be that no one will ever invent, develop, and build an instrument that will be able to detect personal energy, but that doesn't matter because we will always be able to "read and see" our personal energy since it is reflected by our natal Planetary Geometry. It is not unusual for science to be unable to detect something powerful and significant. There are many examples of science being unable to detect what we know must exist. As an example, we refer to birds and the "energy" that they use to navigate in flight. Although this is an astrology book, we think it will be very helpful if we relate a true story about flying birds to explain what we mean.

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The Art Of Astrology

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