Planetary Geometry Is the Astrological Key to a Successful Marriage

Marriages have birth charts, also. The birth chart of a marriage is that of the time the wedding occurred. Like everything else that has a birth chart, the likely attributes and characteristics of the marriage will be indicated by the Planetary Geometry of the Wedding Chart. And this is the key: A marriage cannot be happy or lasting without the Planetary Geometry that will enable it to be so.

The Planetary Geometry of a Wedding chart will determine if the couple will want to stay married or get divorced. It will define the boundaries of the type of marriage that the couple will have, as well as the strengths and failings of the marriage. Believe it or not, the Planetary Geometry of the Wedding Chart will even influence the success or failure of the careers of both persons and will have an effect on the type of professions that either of the two spouses will be able to engage In prosperously. For these reasons, it is crucial that we choose the day we get married and make certain that it has the Planetary Geometry needed to help us to fulfill our dreams for the marriage, and for our lives.

What Planetary Geometry should one try to include when choosing a wedding date? We devoted a chapter to this very question in Astrology Really Works! Later in this book, we will again go into considerable detail on how to select the best possible wedding date. One of the criteria that is most helpful when making such a choice is SUPER ASPECTS, which is our next subject.

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