Planetary Aspects Influence Sun Sign Characteristics

Earlier in this chapter, we discussed some of the shortcomings of Sun-Sign Astrology. But as amazing as this type of astrology can be, it is severely restricted in capabilities and is often confusing. Remember the first two questions of this chapter? They were:

* Why do some people have the best character traits of their Sun Signs, and others have the worst?

* Why do you get along with some Leos but not others? And some Scorpios but not others?

Well, the answers are always in the stars, and since you've now learned about planetary aspects, you are finally ready to understand some of the answers. Now that you're familiar with enhancement angles, we can explain that each Sun Sign has good characteristics, and each has tendencies that are not as desirable, but a person is most likely to have the Sun Sign's better attributes when the person's Sun makes an enhancement angle with any other planet

For example, if someone is born a Virgo, and the person was also born with the Sun in conjunction or trine to any planet, then that person will most likely manifest the better facets of Virgos. This means that the person will be most likely to be orderly and meticulous, neat and discriminating, punctual and responsible, and loyal and stable. When someone has an enhancement aspect of any planet to the Sun, that person is said to have an enhanced sun.

But the most important astrological indications of anyone's personality and character are the actual planetary aspects that a person is born with. Planetary Aspects are indications of the uncommon characteristics of that individual's personality. At one time, this belief was so universally accepted that it worked itself into the English language! That is why we talk about the "aspects of a person's character."

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