Planetary Aspects Are Indications of Special Talents


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One of the most exciting and helpful benefits of mastering Planetary Geometry and the symbolisms of the planets is that not only are they invaluable in matters of love, they also help us in all matters of money. Also, these tools of Magi Astrology can solve one of the biggest questions in all of our lives:

What career should I pursue? How can I obtain the most personal satisfaction and m ake the most m oney?

In the past, some individuals have relied on aptitude tests and career counselors. Others were pushed in a particular direction by parents or circumstances. It is a real shame that so many of us do not ever discover what we are best at-or only find out after decades of trial and error. But there is a much better way. God designed astrology to give each of us great talents-every single one of us! And the stars give us signs showing what these talents are. We just have to learn how to read them.

Too often, we toil and struggle at a dead-end job that we neither enjoy nor are suited for. But by the grace of God, we are all born with special abilities, and we are all born with whatever we need to be very successful in something. However, we must find out what that something is, work very hard at it, and never give up. Our Planetary Geometry and the symbolisms of Magi Astrology are very accurate tools that will give us the best clues to what and how we can achieve the greatest success. We can analyze our Planetary Geometry to help us determine the career where we can each achieve the greatest amount of success, as well as gain the fullest sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Some examples will help you readily understand exactly what we're talking about. The Babylonian Alignment Charts of these examples are at the end of this chapter. We start with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Ted Turner, both of whom have achieved super success in a particular field of endeavor, and their Planetary Geometry explains exactly why they were able to do so.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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