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Interaspects that are formed by the angles of 90 and 180 degrees create a very different result from the linkage angles. The Magi Society calls the 90- and 180-degree angles ACTIVATION ANGLES, and we call the interaspects formed at those two angles PLANETARY ACTIVATIONS. We call them activations because the two planets activate each other, but in a different way than if the angle was a linkage angle. A planetary activation creates attraction between two people, but the attraction is fickle and usually burns out somewhat quickly, maybe even by the next morning. That's right-it can be that short-lived. This may help to explain a lot of experiences in some people's lives.

An example may help you understand this concept. Traditional astrology's favorite interaspect is Venus and Mars. In our research, the Magi Society found a marked difference between a Venus-Mars linkage and a Venus-Mars activation. Between a woman and a man, both interaspects can result in a level of sexual attraction that is impossible to ignore. However, if the interaspect is at an activation angle, the sexual attraction deteriorates quickly, often with unpleasant consequences. Instead of love (Venus) of sex (Mars), an activation can erode to belligerent (Mars) desires (Venus). The outcome Is still within the valid range of interpretations of the interaspect, but is obviously not desirable.

It is important to make a distinction between Planetary Linkages and Activations. Planetary Linkages between any two natal planets will create long-term harmony and attraction. Planetary Activations will create short-term attraction, and what initially appears to be harmony, but the apparent harmony often degenerates into conflicts of interest and incompatibility. Obviously, it is much better for two people to have linkages than activations.

Just as planetary aspects that are 30 and 60 degrees are not that important, we do not consider interaspects created by the 30 and 60-degree angles to be important.

Interaspects have been used by astrologers for quite a while, and traditional astrology has been very correct in stressing the importance of interaspects when evaluating a relationship between any two connected persons.

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