Personal Versus Historic Aspects

While you were reading the last few sections about the problems inherent in Turbulent Aspects, you might have been worried about having them in your own birth chart. But we have great news for you in that regard. No planetary aspect is bad when it is in the chart of a living being.

The Magi Society has a theory about planetary aspects that is derived from a great deal of research. The database we use for our research is enormous. In fact, outside of government institutions, the Magi Society has the largest database of birth dates of talented people that we are aware of. It is so large that it includes the birth dates of almost every extraordinarily talented person in every artistic and professional field. More specifically, our database is comprised of every professional athlete who has ever played football, baseball, basketball, and hockey in the U.S.-and almost every great dancer, musician, singer, actor, poet, writer, politician, inventor, and scientist, as well as most super successful entrepreneurs. We even have the birth dates of almost every racehorse that has competed in the U.S. as a thoroughbred in the last two decades (the birth dates of horses are called foaling dates).

From this enormous database of birth dates of exceptional individuals, we have uncovered the following facts:

The more talented the person, the more planetary aspects the person has.

* The more talented the person, the more exact the planetary aspects are. o

* The angle of the planetary aspect is not important; squares and oppositions can be just as helpful as trines and conjunctions.

Our research shows that there are virtually no highly talented individuals who do not have very exact planetary aspects. What is most interesting is that a high percentage of very talented successful people have not only Turbulent Aspects, they even have Turbulent Planetary Geometry. This does not mean that astrology is inconsistent in that Turbulent Aspects are good for us to be born with, but are nonetheless signs of upcoming problems. Instead, what this means is that Planetary Geometry has a different effect on women and men than on historical events. In other words, Turbulent Aspects are signs of turbulence from the historical and current events perspective, but people who are born on those days are not negatively affected by the Turbulent Aspects. Instead, all aspects, even Turbulent Aspects, are signs of uncommon abilities and skills. This is an idea that is new to astrology, but it is the only explanation that fits the facts.

The facts are that almost every supertalented individual was born with at least one nearly exact planetary aspect, usually several. The angle of the aspects are not important. The angle can be enhancement or turbulent, or any other 30-degree-type angle. The more aspects a person has, the more talented the person is. The more complex the Planetary Geometry, the more talented the person. Even Saturn aspects are indications of inherent special abilities.

Because of all of this, it is necessary to distinguish between an aspect that someone is born with, as opposed to an aspect that exists on a day when events occur. That is why we have developed the terms PERSONAL ASPECT and HISTORIC ASPECT. A Personal Aspect is one that a living thing is born with, and a Historic Aspect is one that exists when something happens. All Personal Aspects are interpreted in the same way no matter what the angle of the aspect. We simply combine and integrate the symbolisms of the planets that comprise the aspect. There is never any negatization or offset, and when we are dealing with Personal Aspects that are formed by Saturn, we use the better symbolisms of Saturn.

However, Turbulent Aspects that are Historic Aspects are interpreted with the negatization, or offset, and a Saturn aspect that is a quincunx is a Turbulent Aspect when it is a Historic Aspect.

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