Personal Energy Is Another Wondrous Mystery

Just as swallows navigate through some unknown wondrous system, astrology works in some unknown and wondrous way. Each of us has a unique personal energy that is directly related to the particulars of our souls. We have learned that certain events can only occur at certain times, and the sign of those times is the Planetary Geometry of the planets in the sky. In a similar way, each of us can only be born at a time when the Planetary Geometry is in line with our personal energy. This would mean that the positions of the planets when we were born are reflections of our souls. If we are peaceful in nature, we are born under planetary aspects that reflect our inner peace; if we are aggressive in nature, we are born under aspects that signify aggressiveness. Each planet represents its own unique symbolisms that are translated into some form of energy, which varies depending on the planet's position relative to Earth. The positions of the planets at the moment we were born are referred to as our NATAL PLANETS, and these positions are the ones that are in our astrology charts. Every person has a set of natal planets that are a sign of their personal energy. It is this personal energy that creates the attraction that makes two persons fall in love. This means that each natal planet is an arrow that points to who we are most attracted to. The mechanisms of these arrows are called INTERASPECTS.

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