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Why do aspects work'? Why are they accurate indications of the character of the native (the person born with the aspect)?

The Magi Society theory in this regard is probably the most controversial of all. We believe that the world is designed by a God that is a Benevolent Providence, and we believe that astrology is one of God's Benevolent Designs. We believe in the God of Judeo-Christian tradition and that such organized religions have been a mainstay in helping the world to understand the value of moral teachings. Modern civilization owes its laws, social order, prosperity, and its very existence in large part to the sacrifices of ancient Jews and Christians. They were the ones who led the way toward the abolition of the actual sacrificing of humans to pagan gods. They also led the way to giving women an equal status with men (although we still have further to go in this regard). It is the Jews who brought into this world the belief that one man should have one wife, and that there is one God. There really is something very special about these ancient Jews, and Christ was born as one of them. It is Christ who was the first to teach us that God loves us. Millions of Jews and Christians literally gave their lives to stand up for these beliefs. Considering their sacrifices, the debt that we owe them is immeasurable.

It has been almost 2,000 years since Christ was born unto us. Since then, his message has been distorted. Isn't everything after so long a period of time? We have one very big problem with a particular doctrine of some organized Christian religions. We do not accept or believe in the concept of hell and damnation. It is time we did away with this. Almost all parents love their children so much that they would forgive them for anything. Could God and Christ be any less forgiving and understanding than most parents? We are sure that God and Christ are more forgiving and understanding than any of us can ever be, or even conceive to be. Is it consistent with the love and forgiveness that Christ taught us that we would be punished forever for failing in our lives here on Earth? We think not.

So then the question is: What happens when we die?

We believe that our souls survive death and that we come back to learn what we did not learn the previous time. We either come back here or go to another world God designed for us. This means we believe in reincarnation. The reason that this is a subject of an astrology book is that we believe that astrology has a lot to do with the day we come back to this world. We can only come back on a day that has the planetary aspects that match our souls! In other words, if we were warlike, we can only come when there is an aspect that reflects the warlike nature. If we are peaceful, we can come back when there is an aspect that reflects this peace within our souls.

What this all means is that our Planetary Geometry really comprises celestial signs of what we are really like. Our Planetary Geometry, including all of our planetary aspects, is an indication of what our souls have been in our last life. But we all have a chance, in every life and at any time, to improve what we are. The easiest step in that improvement is to upgrade to a better interpretation of our aspects. This is why we took such pains to detail what we mean by the valid range of interpretations for any aspect. Every aspect has some good interpretations, and some not as good. But we all have the free will to choose to be the best interpretation of each of our aspects.

In this book, we occasionally write about how aspects have powers and influences, but we never really mean or believe that they actually do have powers in and of themselves. We always mean that they are signs. We think a Benevolent Providence designed these signs to guide us. And He also went one step further. God made use of planetary aspects and designed it so that every planetary aspect is also a gift from Him of a special talent and skill.

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