Our Natal Aspects Are Signs of Our Essence

Our NATAL ASPECTS are the planetary aspects that existed at the time we were born, and our Natal Planetary Geometry is that which existed at the time of our birth. (But for simplicity in writing, we will omit the word natal when it is obvious what we mean.) For a very long time, astrologers have known that our aspects reflect our character; as we mentioned previously, this is one reason why people still talk about "an aspect of that person's character."

We've explained that we can accurately determine the range of influence of any aspect by combining the various symbolisms of the planets that create an aspect. For example, if Venus and Uranus form an aspect, then the aspect can mean:

money (Venus) from the entertainment business (Uranus);

famous (Uranus) good looks (Venus);

desire (Venus) for independence (Uranus); or changes (Uranus) of love relationships (Venus).

It can also mean any other combination of the symbolisms of Venus and Uranus. It is even possible for someone with the Venus-Uranus aspect to reflect all of the above. Interestingly enough, the two persons who most perfectly fit all of the above interpretations are Elizabeth Taylor and Warren Beatty. Both of them were born with the Venus-Uranus conjunction, which is a sign of someone who prefers to change lovers and not be with any individual for an extended period of time. The term extended period of time also has a much shorter duration in the minds of natives of Venus-Uranus aspects. (A native is the person born with the aspect.)

Taylor and Beatty handled their Venus-Uranus conjunctions a little differently. This is because men and women react somewhat differently to the influences of the aspects. Because Taylor is a woman, she has the greater need to be married; women have the biological clock ticking and the instinctual desire for children. So, Taylor got married and divorced eight times. That is a lot of "I do's" and a lot of "I no longer do's." It takes something uncommon in a person to be able to go through all of these marriages without going bonkers. It is the Venus-Uranus conjunction Taylor was born with that not only helped her through all those marriages and divorces, but also spurred her on to keep getting married Most of us go through heartaches when we break up with anyone we have loved. However, the Venus-Uranus person usually breathes a sigh of relief and relishes the thought of their next love partner.

So far, Warren Beatty hasn't said "I do" more than once. But he did say "I won't" a whole lot of times-a lot more than eight times. And most of these times, his "I won'ts" were probably Shermanesque, meaning they were unequivocal. (General Sherman, you might recall, did not want to be president of this country, but others wanted to draft him for the nomination. He stopped that movement when he made his now famous statement: "If nominated I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.")

What this tells us is that your chances of marrying someone are dramatically decreased if that person has the Venus-Uranus natal aspect. It also means that if you do marry such a person, the person could get the seven-year itch in seven months.

We believe that none of the above is the actual result of an influence by the VenusUranus conjunction, but rather this conjunction is a sign of the soul and what the person is really like. We also want to repeat that astrology is not an exact science and everyone has free will. The wind may blow one way, but a person can decide to walk against the wind. Similarly, a person can go against the normal attributes of a natal aspect. It would be best for a person to learn to be a reflection of the best interpretation of their natal aspects. For example, Venus-Uranus could be "love (Venus) for the world (Uranus)."

In addition, when analyzing natal aspects, it is imperative to take into account all of the natal aspects that a person was born with. Some aspects cancel each other out or are overpowered by another one or more aspects.

What is an aspect of fidelity and steadiness in love relationships? The aspect that is the most reliable indication of loyalty and faithfulness is the Venus-Jupiter enhancement. This aspect's many interpretations include that of loyalty (Jupiter) and fidelity (Jupiter) in unions (Venus). Our research shows that persons born with the Venus-Jupiter enhancements are involved in fewer divorces than any other aspect. Also, weddings that take place with this aspect are the least likely to end up in divorce; this is due to natalization of that aspect and preserving the energy of the aspect.

A person's natal planetary aspects are such useful indications of the person's character and essence that we devote a whole chapter of this book to interpreting each and every aspect

It Is now time to discuss the "why" and "how" of planetary aspects. How can they possibly work, and why do they exist'? Do they have real power, or are they just a sign of something out of the ordinary? Ever since their discovery 4,000 years ago, they have been a mystery, and they remain mysterious, untouched by any conceivable scientific explanation. It is this inconceivability that makes scientists so skeptical about them. But we have proven that they work in the last chapter of this book. So what can we give you as an explanation for why they work?

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