Other Superfamous Examples

We cannot run out of examples of Romantic Super Linkages, because most married couples have them. But for this book, we chose the following additional examples because they are instructive and of special interest:

Elvis and Priscilla Presley Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Clark Gable and Carole Lombard Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall Evita and Juan Peron

The charts of all these couples are at the end of this chapter. We have simply provided the Combined Alignment Chart for each couple. Such charts can look overcrowded if all of both persons' natal planets are included; for this reason, we drew in only the linking planets for one person, and the complete set of planets for the other person.

All of the couples above have at least one Romantic Super Linkage. We will explain how each of the couples form Romantic Super Linkages so that you can check to see if you have such interalignments to someone in your own life.

* Elvis and Priscilla Presley had a Romantic Super Linkage because Priscilla has a Sun-Neptune trine, and Elvis's Chiron was conjunct her Sun and trine her Neptune.

Some of you might be wondering why Elvis Presley and Priscilla got divorced if they were so well matched. There are two astrologically based reasons.

First of all, besides Romantic Super Linkages, there are other very important astrological influences on love, harmony, and compatibility. We have not yet explained all of them, but they all need to be taken into consideration when making an important decision on matters of love. So please bear with us while we take a little time and explain each of the most important astrological factors one by one. By the end of this book, you will understand these other important astrological criteria-and you will learn how to use them all together in order to help you in your daily lives, especially in matters of love and money.

The second reason the marriage of the Presleys failed is that they didn't get married on a favorable astrological day. We already learned how important Marriage Charts are. The Planetary Geometry of the Marriage Chart has a profound influence on the ultimate success, nature, and character of the marriage. We will see later in this book that the Marriage Chart of the Presleys was a very weak one. Romantic Super Linkages will tell us if two persons will fall in love and get married, but a marriage is unlikely to be successful unless the wedding takes place on a very favorable astrological day.

"Astrologically favorable" means a day with Planetary Geometry that enhances and maximizes the chances of a successful marriage. However, we should point out that even a great Marriage Chart does not guarantee a happy and lifelong marriage, or even a long-term marriage. What we have found is that getting married on a perfect day minimizes the chance of outside influences destroying a marriage. The right wedding date helps bring about financial security and successful, happy children to the marriage.

But every marriage also needs to be nurtured from within. This requires that both spouses forgive and understand each other and work hard at sustaining the marriage. No relationship works without forgiveness and understanding. That is, and always has been, the most important key to success and happiness in love.

However, there are enormous advantages to knowing about Romantic Super Linkages. Such knowledge can save us heartache and pain. We all have friends who wish they did not let a relationship drag on for as long as it did before they broke up. If you do not have Romantic Super Linkages with someone and you're having problems with the relationship, you should seriously reevaluate the relationship based on your acquired knowledge of Magi Astrology after you finish this entire book and master its contents. Please do not give up on a relationship or do anything drastic until you've read the rest of this book. Like relationships themselves, the astrology of relationships has several dimensions. So far, we have only touched on two of these, Super Linkages and Planetary Geometry. We will learn about the additional parts of the puzzle later on. As with anything else in life, we need to analyze the entire picture before coming to any conclusions.

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