Natal Aspects Give Us Insights into a Persons Character


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The ability to interpret an aspect is an amazingly useful part of astrology. One of the reasons is that we can use this knowledge to predict some of the probable characteristics of any person based on the person's natal aspects (see glossary). People tend to resemble at least one of the valid interpretations and characteristics of the aspects that they are born with. For example, Adolf Hitler was born with a VenusMars aspect. Remember that an aspect always foretells something out of the ordinary and not something that is average in nature. So in the case of the Venus-Mars aspect, someone who is born on a day that has this aspect can manifest an abnormal desire for war and aggression. Adolf Hitler is a perfect example. He was born with a very exact conjunction of Mars and Venus (see Figure 4C).

We can also use planetary aspects to predict or explain the historical significance of a day. Once again, Adolf Hitler is a very good example. Hitler became chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, when Mars was nearly exactly 120 degrees from Venus, and formed a trine (Figure 4D). On both days-Hitler's birth and his first day as chancellor-there was the same planetary aspect, with a nearly exact planetary aspect formed by Mars and Venus! On both of these days, Venus and Mars were in the same degree of the Zodiac constellations, which meets the criteria for creating a planetary aspect. We now have two of the key astrological reasons for World War 11.

The odds against two birth charts having such exact planetary aspects of Mars and Venus is greater than 10,000 to one. If you were a good astrologer at that time, and you used Magi Astrology in your work, you would have known that Hitler's rise to power in Germany was very likely to lead to war!

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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