Mikhail Baryshnikov

Mikhail Baryshnikov is widely regarded as the greatest classical ballet dancer of recent times-and his Planetary Geometry predicted it! Baryshnikov was born with a Sun-Mars quincunx (Figure 5A). Any aspect of Sun and Mars is an indication of an unusual ability in careers ruled by Mars; one such career is dancing. The reason Mars rules dance is that it rules the muscles and the body, and dance requires both. Mars also rules bodily movements, which is what dance is.

But you m ight correctly be thinking that Mars also rules war, the soldier, athletics and the athlete, and other things. Therefore, you might ask, what makes Baryshnikov a dancer instead of a soldier or athlete?

The answer is: It's because of the rest of his Planetary Geometry. Baryshnikov was born with a truly extraordinary DYNAMIC SYMMETRICAL PATTERN. We explained earlier that a symmetrical pattern is dynamic if all of the planets of the pattern match degrees. Please look at Baryshnikovs birth chart (end of this chapter) and note that Venus, Neptune, and Pluto form a symmetrical pattern; and each planet matches degrees, thus making aspects to each other. This particular pattern is called a YOD. Only Magi Astrology has formulated a set of simple rules to guide us in interpreting geometric patterns. The special talents imparted by any Yod can be understood by combining and integrating the symbolisms of the three planets that create the Yod. Venus is symbolic of grace and beauty; Neptune rules artistry and creative skills; and Pluto rules sexuality and the ability to capitalize on and make money from a talent. Together with the Sun-Mars aspect, the three planets in symmetrical pattern create a dancer who can dance in a way that has grace (Venus) and beauty (Venus), is artistic (Neptune) and creative (Neptune), is sexy (Pluto), and can make money (Pluto) doing it. The Venus-Neptune-Pluto alignment imparts grace and beauty that is simultaneously creative, talented, and sexy. Baryshnikovs abilities in this regard are truly extraordinary because a Dynamic Symmetrical Pattern provides the greatest talents and skills.

But there is even more. Baryshnikov has another Dynamic Symmetrical Pattern. It is a Golden Rectangle formed by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Mercury, and this also greatly enhanced his ability to be the world's premier ballet performer. Uranus rules coordination and balance; and Mercury rules reflexes, the eyes, and respiration. Jupiter improves whatever it is in aspect with; and when Jupiter and Saturn are activated and on the same wave length in any dynamic pattern, the two planets create the symbolism of "unlimited" (which is something we explained in the Magi Society Ephemeris). All together then, these four planets endowed Baryshnikov with unlimited abilities in matters requiring coordination and balance, and reflexes and eye-body skills. Hence, Baryshnikovs Natal Planetary Geometry was uniquely suited to help him become the best classical dancer of recent times.

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