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In addition, and especially apropos these days with so many sexually transmitted diseases, Magi Astrology provides you with another significant advantage. You can apply it to help you accurately predict if you are sexually incompatible with someone without having to become intimate. Sex isn't everything. But unless you are a priest or minister, you will probably go through (or have already been through) a stage in your life when sex will be more than everything. Fortunately, Magi Astrology has very accurate astrological tools for predicting sexual compatibility. In this book, you will learn that sexual compatibility and attraction are very much astrologically driven and completely predictable. Magi Astrology has such a high level of accuracy in the area of sex that once you master it, you will know:

* If this is someone with whom you can have magical sex

* When the best time for a seduction is.

* Which particular nights or days you should choose in order to have the most memorable lovemaking sessions.

* How can we tell if someone is sexual, super sexual or not so sexual.

* How you we can tell what type of lover someone will be. Will this person be gentle and considerate? Dominant and aggressive? Lethargic or highly energetic? Slow paced and long-lasting? Sensitive or just plain quick and selfish? Awkward or fluid? All of the above? Some of the above?

* When your lover will be most amorous and romantic.

The Magi Society wrote this book to teach you the astrology of emotional and sexual relationships. After you master the material contained in this book, you will understand the real astrological reasons for attraction, mind-altering sex, love, and why two persons get married. And you will be able to make use of these new insights to help enrich your life, maximize your chances of having truly fulfilling relationships; and help you find, identify, and marry your soul mate.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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