Magi Astrology Is Very Accurate Even Without a Time of Birth


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For every 12 minutes of time, the ascendant and all the houses are shifted about three degrees. Three degrees is the orb that we use. This means that if a birth time is inaccurate by 12 or more minutes, the horoscope chart can be misleading or entirely invalid. For this reason, the Magi Society decided long ago that it was necessary to develop and perfect a form of astrology that can be highly accurate and helpful when only a date of birth is available, without requiring a time of birth. We believe that we have achieved this through Magi Astrology. We have done so by concentrating on the Planetary Geometry of a birth chart, and greatly advancing the techniques used to evaluate Planetary Geometry.

By focusing our research on Planetary Geometry, the Magi Society made one of the most exciting discoveries in the astrology of love and all relationships. We learned that the pieces of Planetary Geometry created by the planets when we were born are very much like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; everyone was born with such jigsaw pieces. Another person's Planetary Geometry will either fit our pieces, or not, and it is this fit (or misfit) that ultimately determines the outcome of all of our relationships. We all fall in love with those who were born with Planetary Geometry that fits ours. We also learned that the planets actually point to our soulmate and the person we will marry. The astrological planet that tells us all this is Chiron.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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