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One of the biggest questions astrologers have had to face concerns how much power, if any, a planetary aspect has over the NATIVE. (The term native in astrology refers to the person born with the natal aspect.) In other words, was Hitler destined to live a life of aggression and war because he was born with a nearly exact Venus-Mars conjunction?

The answer is no. We all have free will to lead our life morally and ethically. We explained earlier that each planet has quite a few different symbolisms, and that there is a valid range of interpretations for any planetary aspect. This means that each planetary aspect can result in quite a few different interpretations, with some being more palatable than others. We believe strongly that each of us has the free will to choose how each of our natal aspects is manifested, within the valid range of interpretations. The following examples will help you understand what we mean.

Every planet has a large number of symbolisms and a broad range of them. Venus has other symbolisms besides desire and love. Astrologers have known for a very long time that Venus also symbolizes money, beauty, seduction, grace, and harmony. Mars also has other symbolisms besides the two we have already discussed. Along with war and aggression, it rules muscles, energy, the body and bodily motion, dance, physical labor, athletics, and professional sports. Any of these symbolisms can be used to interpret a planetary aspect, and anyone born with any aspect can choose whatever interpretation he or she prefers to be manifested, as there are always many choices of manifestations of any aspect. As an example, the Venus-Mars aspect can mean:

* money (Venus) from professional sports (Mars);

* beautiful (Venus) muscles (Mars);

* graceful (Venus) bodily movements (Mars);

* harmony (Venus) of muscles (Mars), which means coordination;

* energetic (Mars) desires (Venus);

* energy (Mars) for seduction (Venus); and

* any combination of the other symbolisms of Venus and Mars. You'll see shortly that both planets have quite a few other important symbolisms.

So which interpretation is the "correct" one for a particular person with the VenusMars enhancement aspect? The answer is that any person with any natal aspect has the free will to choose which possible interpretation will be manifested. The person can also choose to have multiple manifestations, meaning that more than one interpretation is valid at the same time.

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