John F Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

As the only son of JFK, John, Jr. had been America's most eligible bachelor. He did not get married until he was 36 years old, leaving a trail of broken hearts and tabloid speculations. When he finally did marry, it did not surprise anyone in the Magi Society, as he had been dating Carolyn Bessette for some time. There were rumors that they had split up, but the two of them have TWO Romantic Super Linkages. Breaking up is hard to do when two people have Romantic Super Linkages. When such persons are apart, each one feels lonely and unfulfilled, and they cannot stop thinking about each other. That's why such persons usually end up walking down the aisle to exchange wedding vows.

Let's see step by step how to detect Romantic Super Linkages. As always, all of the charts we refer to are at the end of that chapter. Please look at the birth chart of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (Figure 6B). You cannot have Super Linkages without aspects, so we begin by looking for her aspects. She has Pluto and Chiron forming an aspect because the two planets are 180 degrees apart. They are both in the 18th degree. Carolyn also has a second very powerful aspect because her Sun and Pluto are trine to each other.

Carolyn actually has more powerful aspects than just those two. She has a conjunction of Mars and Venus, and she also has Chiron trine Neptune. And finally, her Jupiter is quincunx to her Neptune. Carolyn has a lot of very powerful planetary aspects, which we would expect since she is a very gifted woman, and each planetary aspect is a gift from God.

So far, we have noted that Carolyn has five powerful planetary aspects. The aspect that is usually the most important in a relationship is the one that is formed by Chiron. Such aspects are called CHIRON ASPECTS.

Carolyn has two Chiron aspects, and one of them is her Chiron-Pluto opposition. Note that John's Mars makes a trine to the Chiron of Carolyn's Chiron-Pluto opposition. In other words, if we overlay his chart on top of hers, John's Mars is nearly exactly trine to her Chiron. His Mars is 120 degrees from Carolyn's Chiron. To help you see this linkage, we have drawn John's Mars inside of Carolyn's chart; his Mars has a rectangle around it and is 120 degrees from Carolyn's Chiron. This is a linkage angle and forms a CHIRON LINKAGE between John's Mars and Carolyn's Chiron. In describing the way these planets align with each other, we say that John's Mars links to Carolyn's Chiron-Pluto aspect. This alignment of their natal planets form a Romantic Super Linkage and is the most reliable astrological sign that two persons could marry. A Romantic Super Linkage can be formed in one of the following two ways:

1. One person has a Chiron-aspect, and the other person has a planet that links to Chiron.

2. One person has an aspect, and the other person's Chiron links to one of the planets that forms the aspect.

In both cases, there is a Chiron Linkage.

A Romantic Super Linkage always includes a Chiron linkage. It 'Is the presence of the Chiron linkage that creates the maximum attraction and mutual romantic interest.

However, the result of Romantic Super Linkages is not just attraction. It also promotes harmony, being in tune with each other, trusting each other; and feeling empty, lonely, and lost without each other. It creates the compatibility and dynamics for lasting love to develop between the two persons. Most of all, it creates the need for each other, and only each other, such that the relationship advances to marriage.

Guess what? There is another Romantic Super Linkage between John and Carolyn. John's Mars also forms another Romantic Super Linkage with Carolyn's other Chiron aspect, her Chiron-Neptune trine. In this case, Mars is trine to both her Neptune and her Chiron, and links with both planets. This particular interalignment forms a Grand Trine, which is the most powerful Combined Planetary Geometry. In fact, if you look back to the Combined Alignment Chart of Gable and Lombard, there was a Romantic Super Linkage there, and it also formed a Grand Trine. The existence of a Romantic Super Linkage that forms a Grand Trine makes the marriage destined-almost like it was written as a sign in the heavens.

John's Mars is actually 3.1 degrees away from a trine to Carolyn's Neptune, which means that it is 0.1 degrees out of orb when using our 3.0-degree orb. But when there is special Planetary Geometry like a Grand Trine, we give the orb of one (but only one) alignment a little leeway (and only a little).

As we mentioned earlier, for more than a dozen years, John reigned supreme as America's most eligible bachelor, and one year, People magazine even rated him as the sexiest man alive. When he finally got married, he wed a woman with whom he created two Romantic Super Linkages and a Grand Trine. This is an example of the power of such linkages and Planetary Geometry.

What we find highly encouraging is that every single person, without exception, has someone with whom the planets form irresistible Romantic Super Linkages. One day (or enchanted evening), everyone will meet someone whose natal planets will form a Romantic Super Linkage. Then magic! At that time, the couple will forget all the hurt they may have already experienced. They just have to be patient, have faith, and wait for the right person-and not get too depressed, anxious, or make any disastrous mistakes while they're waiting.

A Romantic Super Linkage is the stars' clue to whom we will marry Romantic Super Linkages create both attraction, harmony, and that aching, irrepressible desire to be with that person when he or she is not there. A Romantic Super Linkage between two people is what creates the rapturously enthralling and vibrant feeling that some refer to as "chemistry" or "attraction" or even "love." People tend to get married when they feel that way.

Carolyn and John Kennedy, Jr. have two Romantic Super Linkages. We think that is a key factor in why they fell in love deeply enough to get married. In fact, a Romantic Super Linkages is so powerful that it can even make a king abdicate his throne in order to marry someone.

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