JFK and Jacqueline

Our next example is that of JFK and Jacqueline, who met on May 8, 1951. The chart of that date is Figure 5G. If you look at the chart at the end of this chapter, and if you have not read Astrology, Really Works!, you might be surprised by the fact that there is a whole second set of planets drawn in the middle of the circle. Remember when we said that everyone and every thing has a second birth chart? The planets inside the circle represent the second birth chart for the day JFK met Jacqueline. In chapter 7, we will fully explain what such second birth charts are all about and teach exactly how to analyze and interpret them. But we wanted to include this second chart to remind our readers that there is always a second chart, and we will refer back to this particular second chart later.

Let us get back to the normal chart with just the circle. Like the Mick and Bianca Jagger Love Chart, there was a synchronization of the Sun, Neptune, and Pluto. Obviously, the same interpretation is also valid here. There was also a Synchronization of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. This is not a good set of planets to have in synch. It can lead to limited (Saturn) love (Venus) and communication (Mercury). From what we have learned about Camelot and their relationship, this synch accurately foretold of a lonely relationship, one that lacked depth of love and ease of discourse. But we also know now that neither JFK nor Jacqueline were looking for a very close emotional relationship in marriage. JFK wanted his many affairs with a variety of women, and a wife who was capable of furthering his political ambitions; and Jacqueline was mesmerized with power and wealth. So the match was good enough, and the synch of the Sun, Neptune, and Pluto was powerful enough for them to exchange vows-with at least one set of fingers crossed.

By the way, the Companionship Chart and Love Chart co-exist with the Marriage Chart, meaning that the three charts all have an influence on the marriage. But the Marriage Chart is the most consequential.

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