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Interaspects are astrological signs of attraction or friction between two people. Here is what they are all about.

We have discussed the fact that when two planets in the sky are aligned at any of the seven different aspect-angles, the two planets form an aspect. In the same way, whenever one person's natal planet is aligned at an aspect-angle to another person's natal planet, the two natal planets form an interaspect. An interaspect is a meaningful alignment of two planets, one from one birth chart, and the other from another person's birth chart

A simple illustration will help you fully understand this concept. John Kennedy Jr.'s chart is Figure 6A (end of this chapter). His natal Mars is at 18.5 degrees of Cancer. Figure 6B is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's birth chart, with John's natal Mars added inside the small square. This is an example of a CAC. John's Mars forms a Grand Trine with Carolyn's Chiron and Neptune. John's Mars also forms interaspects with her Sun, Pluto, and Uranus.

I nteraspects act just like aspects. The two natal planets forming the interaspect become interactive and create a noticeable influence that the two persons feel when they are in close proximity to each other. This results in what most of us refer to as chemistry. Depending on the angle and the natal planets that form the interaspect, the feeling that the interaspect creates can be anywhere from magically exhilarating to darn right revolting.

We can accurately interpret the probable result of the interaspect by using the same type of rules that we use to interpret planetary aspects. To get the actual probable meaning, we combine and integrate the symbolisms of the planets that create the interaspect.

Since there are 11 natal planets and 7 different aspect-angles, there are a lot of chances for two persons to create interaspects. There are usually at least a half dozen interaspects between any two persons. When we are referring to the two persons who form interaspects, we call them CONNECTED PERSONS. Every interaspect has an influence on how the two connected persons feel and react to each other. Interaspects are the key to compatibility as well as attraction.

The concept of interaspects is not new and has been used by astrologers for a long time. Those of you who have studied the astrology of relationships already know what an interaspect is. But since we want our book to be understood by readers who know little or nothing about astrology, we are going to delve into a little more detail about interaspects in order to make sure all of you understand them.

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