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The Engagement Chart is the chart of the day that an engagement is publicly proclaimed, or when the announcements are sent out. This is an important day, and the Planetary Geometry of this day often gives us signs as to whether the couple will actually get married. If they are engaged but not meant to be married, there will usually be a detectable celestial sign to that effect on the announcement date.

We can use Jacqueline Bouvier as an illustration of what we mean. Very few people know this, but she was once engaged to a gentleman named John Husted, Jr. The engagement was made public on January 21, 1952 (Figure 5H), and was broken off three months later. As you can see from the chart of this announcement, there was a Planetary Synchronization of Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus. Note that the shape of the Planetary Geometry formed by these three planets is the same as the ones that existed during the two San Francisco earthquakes, whose charts are Figures 3i and 3J. This shape is called a T-square, and it is powerful, but it has negative consequences, just like the two earthquakes. Also, it is a sign of an unblessed time.

So far, in all of our examples of interpreting Planetary Geometry, we've derived the interpretations by combining and integrating the symbolisms of the planets that form the geometry. But none of the examples of how we interpret Planetary Geometry had this T-square shape before. We looked at T-squares in the two charts of the earthquakes, but we did not actually interpret them. It is time to do that because T-squares need to be interpreted quite differently. This is because T-squares are one of the few shapes of Planetary Geometry that are TURBULENT.

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