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For decades now, many millions of people have been fascinated with SUN-SIGN ASTROLOGY Sun-Sign Astrology is that portion of traditional astrology that primarily uses SUN SIGNS as a predictive tool. Those of you who have applied it to the problems in your daily lives already know that Sun-Sign Astrology is very limited in its ability to help you. But Magi Astrology answers some questions that Sun-Sign Astrology cannot, such as:

Why do some people have the best character traits of their Sun Signs, and others have the worst?

Why do you get along with some Leos but not others? And some Scorpios but not others?

* Why are some Taurians stubborn and obstinate beyond all reason, while others are not stubborn; but instead, are reliable, steadfast, and tenacious in their endeavors'? How come some Cancerians are so sensitive that they cannot take a joke, while others are sensitive in a sensual way and are dam right irresistible?

During the 1970s, Sun-Sign Astrology became very popular even though it left all such questions completely unanswered. Together with Horoscope Astrology, Sun-Sign Astrology comprises the basic tools of traditional astrology. But even the entirety of traditional astrology lacks the ability to adequately help us in matters of love and money. In this book, we will teach the parts of Magi Astrology that help you accurately answer many important questions about the people in your life-for example:

Why are some people so intelligent, and others almost illogical?

Why are some people so hyper-emotional that you don't feel safe being around them, while others are so stable you would almost consider them boring?

What is it that makes one person simply exude sexuality-so much so you are excited by their mere presence-while others leave you so cold you would rather just go to bed. Alone. Why are some individuals so much fun to be with, while others are just wet blankets? What makes someone extraordinarily artistic or talented, while others are not the slightest bit

artistically oriented?

You will be able to answer all of the above questions and more by learning how to evaluate Planetary Geometry. But first, we want to give you a mini-lesson on Sun-Sign Astrology and its shortcomings.

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