How Planets Can Form an Important Geometric Pattern

We understand that some of you are completely new to astrology and may not fully understand how any geometric pattern is actually formed by the positions of the planets. For the sake of those of you who still do not fully understand how these geometric figures are formed, we hope the following explanation will help:

For the Babylonian Alignment Chart of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, note that Neptune and Uranus are on opposite sides of the circle, about 180 degrees apart, and Mercury is in between the two planets, about 90 degrees from each. In terms of the actual positions of the planets in the sky on that fateful day, this chart tells us that Uranus and Neptune were on opposite sides of the Earth, and were therefore about 180 degrees apart. At the same time, Mercury was located in the sky at about the halfway point between Uranus and Neptune. If you draw a line in the sky connecting Uranus and Neptune, Mercury is in the middle of that line.

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