How Planetary Geometry Affects Love and Money Issues

Every planetary aspect that someone is born with is a reflection of the character of the person. The great advantage of knowing about planetary aspects and symbolisms is that we can now answer questions such as these:

* Is this person the runaround kind or the marrying kind?

* What makes this person tick? And what is this person's true nature?

* Are we sexually compatible? Also, for how long?

* Who can I have a fling with so that there will be no entanglements or repercussions?

* In what career or business can I be most successful?

* What are my very special talents, and how can I best apply them?

In this chapter, we begin to learn how to use aspects (which is the simplest form of Planetary Geometry) and the symbolisms of the planets to help us answer questions such as the ones above.

We begin with a discussion of how to understand the overriding traits of a person's personality by analyzing the planetary aspects of the day the person was born.

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