How Interaspects Are Formed and Interpreted

At the end of this chapter, we have provided you with the Babylonian-style birth charts for Clark Gable and Carole Lombard (Figures 6C and 6D). Their combined chart is Figure 3L (end of this chapter). Note that Gable's natal Pluto is at 15.8 degrees of Gemini, and Lombard's Sun is at 13.0 degrees of Libra. These two planets in the two different charts are within 3 degrees of being exactly 120 degrees apart. Just as a planetary aspect has an orb, so does an interaspect. The Magi Society uses an orb of three degrees for interaspects. This approximate 120-degree alignment between these two natal planets is within orb of being one of the seven aspect-angles that create aspects. Since every angle that creates aspects also creates interaspects, Gable's Pluto and Lombard's Sun form an interaspect, and is called a Sun-Pluto trine (the same terminology as for regular aspects themselves).

Gable's natal Pluto is also trine to Lombard's natal Chiron, which is located at 18.6 degrees of Aquarius. This is a second interaspect between these two superfamous lovers. They also have a third interaspect that is a trine. Gable's Sun is trine to Lombard's Sun, creating a Sun-Sun trine.

Every interaspect has an effect on the two people who create the interaspect (connected persons). We can accurately predict the results of interaspects by using the same rules of interpretation that we use for planetary aspects. Again, this is because interaspects work in ways that are very similar to aspects. Each interaspect creates a different range of influences, and the range of valid interpretations depends on the range of symbolisms of the planets that form the interaspect. You can foretell what area of a relationship any interaspect will most likely impact simply by knowing which planets create the interaspect and the symbolisms of the planets.

For example, since Mars and Venus are two of the Sexual Planets, any interaspects created by them will very likely influence sexual attraction between the connected persons. Traditionally, astrologers have taught that when one person's Mars is conjunct or trine to another person's Venus, the two persons can have magical sex together. The astrologers are right.

But just like a planetary aspect, an interaspect has a range of valid interpretations and can have a multiplicity of manifestations. This means that the Mars-Venus interaspect also can signify that the two persons can be great dance partners because they can have combined grace of motion. We understand this when we recall that Venus rules grace and Mars rules dance and bodily movements. Another reason that this interaspect creates good dance partners is that the interaspect creates unified (Venus) body movements (Mars). That's also why the interaspect is good for sex.

As another example, the Venus-Pluto interaspect can result in desire (Venus) for the sex act (Pluto), desire for power (Pluto), love (Venus) of earning power (Pluto), obsessive (Pluto) desires (Venus), and any other interpretations that fit within the range of the symbolisms of Venus and Pluto.

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