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Chiron has astrological influences even though it is not a planet. That is neither new or unusual; the Moon and the Sun are not planets either, and they have very powerful astrological influences. What is new and exciting about Chiron is that it has the most important influence on long-term relationships and on marriage. Chiron is also the ruler of spouses and children.

If you have been disappointed in traditional astrology in the past because it has been unable to help you resolve questions about your relationships, you will just love learning about Chiron. Chiron is the long-awaited missing link to the astrology of relationships of all kinds!

We shall see throughout the rest of this book that the position of Chiron in your birth chart will determine who you will or will not marry, and who you can and cannot be successful business partners with. Just think how valuable such information is!

Ever since the first breath of astrology over 10,000 years ago, astrologers have been looking for the astrological secrets behind romance, love, and marriage. But they never found it-until now.

In the last few chapters, we learned the basics of astrology. You now know how to construct a Babylonian Alignment Chart, and you can see how useful it is for predicting the significance of any day. You a] so learned how to pick out the planetary aspects of a day, and how important they are in birth charts, Wedding Charts, and Electional Astrology. You are now ready to learn the special techniques of Magi Astrology that will help you find answers and solutions to your queries and problems in the most crucial matters of love and money. We will first deal with the issues concerning love, and we will begin with the mystery of attraction. Let's see why we're intoxicatingly attracted to one person-but not to another.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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