Grace Kelly Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Oleg Cassini

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As our next example, we will discuss a love triangle that was formed by Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier III, and Oleg Cassini. As almost all of you probably know, the famous actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III to become Princess of Monaco. But before the marriage, and actually just before she met the prince, she had been dating fashion designer Oleg Cassini. According to most accounts of Princess Grace's life, she had been dating Cassini for some time and was seen with him all over France before meeting Prince Rainier III. Even though she was apparently serious about Cassini, once she met Prince Rainier, it did not take long for Grace and the prince to fall in love and decide to marry.

What a triangle: Grace Kelly, the irresistibly beautiful Queen of Hollywood; Oleg Cassini, the very dashing and super successful fashion mogul of world renown; and Prince Rainier III, a real live prince who owned the most clamorous casino in the world. Even though it was a triangle for only a very brief time, what a story it would have made for today's tabloids. If Chiron had been discovered before then, and if you knew Magi Astrology, you could have written for such tabloids because you could have explained why Grace Kelly was so very attracted to both men. More important, you could have accurately predicted that she would choose the prince. You would have known all this because all of the answers were always in the stars-and the stars' answers were readable through Magi Astrology and the Super Linkages of the three people involved in the triangle.

So let's look at the stars, by which we mean their birth charts. The first chart we should look at is that of Grace Kelly, since hers is the pivotal chart. It is her chart that must have linked with both men. Her Chiron is in 11.6 degrees of Taurus, and it is opposed to Mercury. She does not have any other Chiron-aspect (Figures 6G-6i)

If we are to overlay Oleg Cassini's chart on top of Grace Kelly's chart, and do the same with Prince Rainier III's chart, we would see that both men were born with their natal Venus conjunct to Grace's Chiron. Both men - this is not a coincidence. The position of both men's Venus create Romantic Super Linkages because each man's Venus was conjunct to the Chiron of Grace's Chiron-Mercury opposition.

So why did she chose one man over the other?

Was it because one was a prince? We do not think so. Grace Kelly was already essentially the undisputed Queen of Hollywood, and most people considered Hollywood a better place to be than the tiny principality of Monaco. In order to marry the prince, Grace had to give up her life in Hollywood because she had to take on the duties of being a princess-and you could not be a princess and a movie star at the same time. This means that like Edward VIII, Grace Kelly abdicated a throne of sorts, as well as her career, to marry the one she loved.

But why?

Magi Astrology gives us the astrological reason Grace was willing to make great sacrifices to marry Rainier. It was because she actually had two Romantic Super Linkages with the prince.

As we all know, there are many levels of intensity for attraction. There is attraction, and then there is that magical, mystical irresistible ATTRACTION. One Romantic Super Linkage is enough to create attraction of the irresistible kind. But two of them-wow! (Just like John Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn.)

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III formed two Romantic Super Linkages. We have already explained how the first one was formed. The second one was created in the following manner. Grace had a natal aspect formed by her trine of Pluto and Sun, and Prince Rainier III's natal Chiron formed a linking angle (quincunx) to her Sun, which is part of her Sun-Pluto aspect. This formed the second Romantic Super Linkage.

Only Chiron can create Romantic Super Linkages. Without Chiron involved in a Super Linkage, the attraction is still very strong, but it is Chiron's influence in the linkages that creates the magical bonds of love and harmony that results in marriages. And, it is Chiron that mystically creates the circumstances that push such couples toward marriage. If Chiron is not involved, the result is just Super Linkages-nothing to sneeze at, but it does not have the same intensity and magical qualities that Chiron adds.

Together, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III had two Romantic Super Linkages. No wonder they got married. Oleg didn't have a chance once Grace met the prince. Grace Kelly had one Romantic Super Linkage with Oleg; this was a sign of the extreme attraction that they had. They dated seriously and talked about getting married, and they may very well have been married if Grace had not met someone with whom she had two Romantic Super Linkages.

In Grace Kelly's natal chart, we added the prince's Venus and Chiron, and put rectangles around them. You can see how perfectly these two planets fit into Grace's chart-almost like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and in many ways, that is how to view each natal planet. Incidentally, you might have noticed that Oleg Cassini's Sun is almost exactly in the same position as Prince Rainier III's Chiron. This created a Super Linkage with Grace Kelly, but it was not a Romantic Super Linkage, because only Chiron can do that. When there is a Romantic Super Linkage, the earth shakes and mountains are moved and lasting, binding love emerges.

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