Getting back to examples of Romantic Super Linkages

* Joanne Woodward has a Chiron aspect formed by her Saturn and Chiron. They form a trine and are only 0.8 degrees apart. Paul Newman's Jupiter is at 9 degrees Capricorn, trine to her Chiron and conjunct to her Saturn, forming a Romantic Super Linkage.

* Clark Gable was born with an almost exact opposition of Pluto and Uranus. This aspect created his most powerful aspect, and Carole Lombard's Chiron was trine to Gable's Pluto, within the three-degree allowable orb. This created a Romantic Super Linkage, forming the necessary chemistry between them such that the king of Hollywood would marry the blonde actress.

* Bogie and Bacall also had a Romantic Super Linkage. Bogie's Saturn was trine Bacall's Neptune and Chiron.

As for Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, they form a Romantic Super Linkage because Alec's Chiron is trine to Kim's Mars and Jupiter. Kim's Mars and Jupiter form a planetary aspect that is a trine, and it is only one degree apart.

Juan Peron formed a Romantic Super Linkage with Evita. His Jupiter was conjunct to her Neptune, which was trine to her Chiron. We need to simplify the language in describing these linkages. In the future, we might simply say that Peron's Jupiter links to Evita's Chiron-Neptune aspect.

Cindy Crawford is a very beautiful and successful woman. Forbes magazine tells us that at one point she was the highest-paid model in the world, but women do not envy her for that. What women do envy is that she was lucky enough to have been married to Richard Gere. He and Cindy Crawford are so personable, gorgeous, and successful that both of them could have married almost anyone they wanted. Why did they choose each other? Of course the reason they got married was in the stars. Cindy's Chiron is trine to Richard Gere's Venus and Chiron, and Richard's Venus and Chiron form a trine. All together, this creates two Romantic Super Linkages.

As you can see, each of these superfamous couples has a Romantic Super Linkage. Hopefully, from these examples, you have learned enough to know whether you make such linkages with someone. Then you will also know whom you will probably marry. But please also always bear in mind that the birth chart of the marriage is what determines a successful marriage. That is the reason why two of the couples we've talked about (Richard and Cindy, and Elvis and Priscilla) got divorced.

A few pages ago, we explained that in addition to Romantic Super Linkages, there are other equally powerful astrological influences on attraction, love, and compatibility. In the next few pages, we will explain one of them.

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