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General Electric and Exxon are two of the most profitable corporations in the world. Exxon is the world's largest oil company, and in terms of the value of its stock, General Electric is the world's most valuable corporation. Both companies were founded about a hundred years ago, when Neptune and Pluto made a conjunction (Figures 5C and 5D). This conjunction is a very rare event; the next Neptune-Pluto conjunction will not occur until the 24th century. There is a general rule in astrology: The rarer the alignment of the planets, the more meaningful and more powerful the alignment is. The Neptune-Pluto conjunction is very meaningful and very powerful, and gave rise to the birth of two of the most powerful and preeminent companies in the world. It is their Neptune-Pluto conjunctions that enabled GE and Exxon to be super successful in the businesses that they dominate. Both companies make their money in the exact way that the Neptune-Pluto conjunction would predict.

The Neptune-Pluto conjunction signifies the ability to capitalize (Pluto) and make profits (Pluto) from Neptune-related areas. Neptune rules oil, and Exxon is synonymous with oil and is known worldwide as the largest oil company. Neptune also rules electricity, and General Electric (GE) is the number one company in the world in electrical equipment, such as power plants and light bulbs. Neptune also rules medical equipment, and GE invented and is the sole manufacturer of MRI equipment, electrical devices that are used to diagnose diseases. This equipment has revolutionized medicine in the 1990s.

Another symbolism of Neptune is that of financial security, so the Neptune-Pluto conjunction means financial security (Neptune) from big business (Pluto) and the ability to compete (Pluto). Exxon and GE are two of a handful of companies with AAA credit ratings. Obviously, as predicted from their Neptune-Pluto conjunction, Exxon and GE are extraordinarily secure financially.

The important lesson to learn is that the Planetary Geometry of the birth chart of a corporation will foretell that company's distinctive abilities, just like a person's Planetary Geometry.

Exxon and GE were both incorporated on a day that had a Yod, which is the same Dynamic Symmetrical Pattern that exists in the birth charts of Baryshnikov and Turner. GE's Yod is the most powerful because there is a conjunction of Neptune and Pluto at one corner of the Yod; in effect, GE has two Yods, or a DOUBLE YOD. In Magi Astrology, we have a special way of interpreting a Double Yod. Essentially, we simply combine and integrate the symbolisms of all four planets, just the way we have already learned to do, but we place special emphasis on the conjunction. GE's Double Yod provides it with the unique ability to attain worldwide (Uranus) success (Jupiter) through big business (Pluto) in Neptunian areas, such as electricity and electrical appliances, and medical equipment that is electrical in nature, and especially through inventions (Uranus).

GE also has a Mercury-Uranus aspect that empowers it with the resources and expertise to prosper in broadcasting (Uranus) and news dissemination (Mercury). This is one reason why GE's purchase of NBC has been so astoundingly profitable and rewarding.

In the case of Exxon, its Yod is a part of a larger pattern of Planetary Geometry. On the day Exxon was founded, there were five planets that matched degrees. Besides Mars, Venus, and Mercury, which form the Yod, both Neptune and Pluto also matched degrees. These five planets are all in aspect to each other, meaning that each of these five planets made an aspect to each of the other four planets. Such an alignment of five planets is remarkably unusual and powerful. Astrologers had never focused on this sort of alignment before, so it was up to the Magi Society to give a name to such alignments.

In Astrology Really Works!, we named such alignments PLANETARY SYNCHRONIZATION. A planetary aspect occurs whenever any two planets match degrees. Planetary Synchronization occurs whenever three or more planets match degrees. Common sense tells us that the more planets there are in a synchronization, the more powerful it is. Exxon's five-planet synchronization has awesome power. That is the main reason why Exxon is the largest and most profitable oil company in the world.

Amazingly, Exxon's synchronization of five planets specifically enabled the company to be the world leader in oil exploration and marketing. Synchronizations are interpreted in the same way a Yod is: We simply combine and integrate the symbolisms of the planets that comprise the synchronization. The five planets that are in synch on Exxon's birth date are Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Mercury, and Mars. Of these five planets, three are directly related to oil. Neptune rules oil, Mercury rules exploration, and Mars is the ruler of drilling. You might wonder why Mercury signifies exploration. It does so because Mercury was the Roman god of traveling, and traveling is a requirement of land exploration. No other planet's symbolisms come even close to exploration. As for Mars being the ruler of drilling, this follows logically from Mars' rulerships of body movements and labor-intensive activities. Also, drilling for oil is attacking the ground; this is very much a part of the symbolisms of Mars.

Together, these five planets IN SYNCH mean money (Venus) from the big business (Pluto) of oil (Neptune) exploration (Mercury) and drilling (Mars). Exxon also has the remarkably powerful aspect of Jupiter trine Chiron, representing a successful (Jupiter) career (Chiron).

We refer to the chart of a corporation as a business chart. The birth charts of the founding of a partnership or the signing of a business agreement are also considered business charts.

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