Examples of Symmetrical Combined Planetary Geometry

In each of the examples of the ten couples we discussed in this chapter, by combining the charts of both partners, Symmetrical Combined Geometry is formed. In seven of the couples, the Combined Geometry includes a Grand Trine, which is the most powerful shape of Symmetrical Combined Geometry. (We have shown you only the Grand Trines.)

We should point out that the shape of the combined Planetary Geometry does not have to be a Grand Trine to be effective, a combined Grand Trine is probably the most helpful and most powerful. But any symmetrical pattern that is formed by the overlay of two charts creates what we call COMBINED SYMMETRY. There is Combined Symmetry when a symmetrical pattern exists in a combined chart, so long as at least one planet is contributed by each person's chart. If the Combined Symmetry is Chiron based, this promotes a special ease and harmony in the relationship whereby the two people are more likely to both want a lifelong relationship.

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