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Planetary Geometry refers to the shapes and patterns that are created when you draw lines connecting the positions of the planets in the sky. If you connect any two planets, you will get a single line; if you connect any three planets, the outline will be a triangle. And if you connect any four planets, the outline will be a quadrangle, and so on. All of these shapes are types of Planetary Geometry. Below you can see some examples.

Figure 2A : Four examples of Planetary Geometry

The use of Planetary Geometry has been one of the secrets of the Magi Society. The Planetary Geometry of a particular day provides us with the most important astrological clues as to the significance and meaning of that day. It is also the most accurate clue to the character and abilities of anyone born on that day. The Planetary Geometry of a day is even the best guide for determining whom a person will marry, and all the individuals with whom the person will have an important relationship.

After centuries of devoted research, the Magi Society discovered that each distinctly different type of shape in Planetary Geometry has a special meaning. Magi Astrology uses the various shapes of Planetary Geometry that exist on any day to interpret the most likely meaning of the day. In addition to the actual shape, Magi Astrology also takes into account which specific planets form the shape (we will fully explain this later).

The rules of interpreting Planetary Geometry are simple to understand. For example, from time to time, a group of planets are aligned in such a way that when you connect

lines between their positions, they produce outlines that create a symmetrical pattern. Such symmetrical alignments of planets are the most interesting and the most powerful. The following figures illustrate why a pattern is or is not symmetrical.

Figure 2B : Three examples of Planetary Geometry

Figure 2B : Three examples of Planetary Geometry

Planetary Geometry

Astrologers learned long ago that a day when a croup of planets are positioned in the sky such that they create either the first or second shape is more important than a day when they create the third shape. This is because the first two shapes are symmetrical. Many of you may have intuitively sensed this difference and, therefore, already know this most basic principle of Planetary Geometry and Magi Astrology: Symmetrical patterns are more significant than those that are not symmetrical.

See how simple and logical Magi Astrology is? Fortunately, you do not have to know anything about geometry to understand our theories relating to Planetary Geometry. All you need is common sense and you can truly master Magi Astrology. In fact, it is easier to understand and learn than traditional astrology.

Magi Astrology and its unique system of using Planetary Geometry are based on common-sense principles that are logically formulated and scientifically tested. As incredible as it may seem, Magi Astrology can help you learn from the past, understand the present, and provide you with some amazingly accurate predictions about your future-as well as other people's futures. Magi Astrology's system of analyzing Planetary Geometry accurately predicts who you will marry and also gives you the ability to make your marriage and relationships as fulfilling and happy as possible. Most important, Magi Astrology gives you the knowledge needed to harness the power of the planets in order to help you fulfill your dreams! And Magi Astrology does it all without any connection to the occult. In fact, Magi Astrology is completely compatible with Judeo-Christian traditions and beliefs.

This book teaches you Magi Astrology and how to read the language of the stars, but before we get into the particulars, it is helpful if we first learn the most basic principles of astrology in general.

We will start you at the very beginning, and all you need is common sense and a desire to learn. If you can find your way around a city by using a map, you can learn Magi Astrology. We promise that after reading the next two chapters, you will learn so much about astrology that you will be able to teach it to your friends. And you will have fun.

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