Evita and Juan Peron

Andrew Lloyd Webber's very entertaining movie Evita informed us that Evita met Juan Peron on the evening of January 22, 1944 (Figure 5E). During the few years prior to this meeting, Evita had slept her way up the social and political ladder. Peron also maneuvered his way right up near the top of that ladder. When Evita and Peron met, he still had a live-in lover, but Evita succeeded in making such an impression on him that he ousted this woman that very evening, quite literally kicking the poor soul out in the middle of the night. Evita spent that very night at Peron's home.

Was Evita so irresistible that any man would do what Peron did?

We don't think so. Evita was attractive, but she was no Helen of Troy. Astrologically speaking, Evita and Peron were very attracted to each other. In the next chapter, we will begin to explain the astrology of attraction and learn why two persons are irresistibly drawn to each other. However, we think that the main reason Evita was able to oust her rival (the woman living with Peron) in such a cavalier fashion was that the Planetary Geometry of the time she met Peron was overwhelmingly powerful. There was a Double Grand Trine!

It is amazing how powerful a Double Grand Trine is.

On that night when Evita first met Juan Peron, the Sun, Neptune, and Uranus formed one Grand Trine; and a second Grand Trine was formed by Mars, the Sun, and Neptune. The first Grand Trine foretold of a relationship (Sun) that would be enduring (Neptune) and could create changes (Uranus), and that would be well known (Uranus) and political (Uranus). When a relationship is long term in nature and can create change, it means that it is a relationship of significant consequences. How prophetic!

The second Grand Trine adds to the power of the relationship. The presence of Mars in this other Grand Trine makes the chart aggressive and bristling with energy-never at a loss for initiative. With Evita and Peron, there was no room for hesitation or excessive deliberation. You can just imagine Evita saying, "Juan ... be a good man and kick the other woman out for me - tonight!"

We can bet that Evita and Juan made love that first evening. Why else do you kick someone out in the middle of the night? This means that the time of their Love Chart is only about six hours later than that of their Com panionship Chart. In the six or so hours from the time they met until the time they first made love, the planets that create the two Grand Trines essentially did not move, except for the Sun. The Sun moves about one-quarter of a degree in six hours. Mars moved much less, and Uranus and Neptune moved much, much less. This means that the very powerful Planetary Geometry of their Companionship Chart also existed in their Love Chart. The movement of the Sun actually made the Grand Trines more exact and, therefore, more powerful. The Grand Trines were strong enough that Evita and Juan got married and became Argentina's most famous couple.

By the way, on that night, there was also a Seduction Aspect, but it was in the second chart. Remember, we explained in chapter I that there is always a second birth chart. We explain what such charts are in chapter 7, where you will see why the night the Perons met was a fabulous one to make love, and why there was extraordinary sexual energy in the air. You see, there are times to make love, and there are times to read a good book or watch a good movie - by yourself.

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