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As we mentioned in Astrology Really Works!, the Magi Society believes that every Personal Aspect is a gift from a Benevolent Providence, endowing a special talent to the native. When we came into this world, God gave each of us gifts of special talents. Our Planetary Geometry is a celestial sign to tell us the nature of the special talents that we are blessed with. The last chapter of this book provides irrefutable proof of the validity and power of planetary aspects and other forms of Planetary Geometry, and shows that they are signs of great abilities. We provide proof in both a scientific way and in a way that the average person can understand.

In the next chapter, we will begin our exploration of the astrology of love and attraction, and learn what are the astrological signs that tell us if two people will or will not get married. But before we move forward to that subject, we would like to ask you to ponder a few thoughts.

Astrology is a system of celestial signs, but why are there such signs? We believe the reason is that astrology was designed by a Benevolent Providence. If this is the case, there should be other evidence of Benevolent Designs of a Benevolent Providence-and there is plenty of that. You just have to notice the signs of such designs. Here is one that you really cannot get too far away from.

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