Every Personal Aspect Can Endow Us with a Special Talent

The net result is that there are no negative Personal Aspects. To help illustrate how we interpret Personal Aspects that are Turbulent Aspects or Saturn Aspects, at the end of this chapter (Figures 5M through 5Q), we have given you the Babylonian style-of-alignment charts for five of the best athletes who ever played their particular sport. They are:

Michael Jordan-basketball's all-time best player

Wayne Gretzky-hockeys all time-best player

Rod Laver-the number-one male tennis player in history and the only person to ever win two Grand Slams (which means that he won all four major events in one calendar year-twice)

We also give you the charts of both Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova, because opinion is divided as to which of these two women is the best female tennis player in history.

Each of these five all-time greats has very powerful Planetary Geometry comprised of very exact aspects. We will use an analysis of Michael Jordan's Planetary Geometry as a guide for the others:

—Jordan has Synchronized Planetary Geometry of Chiron, Mars, and Pluto. This provides him with the ability to have a career (Chiron) in competitive (Pluto) athletics, and also extraordinary energy (Mars), because the synchronization of Mars enhances Mars enormously. The Mars-Chiron aspect endowed Jordan with noteworthy (Chiron) energy (Mars) such that he can have a successful career (Chiron) in sports (Mars). Jordan thrives on competition and pressure, and he is at his best when the game is on the line. This is predictable from his Venus-Pluto trine, which is love (Venus) of com petition (Pluto). Also, the Venus-Pluto aspect helps him to be a cham pion because it signifies victory (Venus) in competition (Pluto).

Most of us fold under extreme competition; Jordan does not, and Magi Astrology gives us another reason why. His Saturn is square to Neptune, which means that he will not give an inch. The reason that this aspect is interpreted in this way is that Neptune is sym bolic of being gentle and impressionable. Saturn's square to that reduces such characteristics (Saturn rules reduction), thereby making the person hard-nosed and immovable. We had explained much earlier that we all have the free will to use our Personal Aspects the way we choose, within the valid range of interpretations. This was Jordan's choice. More power to him.

Jordan also has Uranus quincunx Mercury, which is the aspect that most specifically helps him to be a great basketball player. Mercury rules the nervous system, eyes, and ears; this leads to Mercury also being ruler of reflexes, and the sense of balance. Uranus rules change as well as our ability to make changes and adjustments to our body when we are in movement; thus, Uranus rules coordination and the ability to judge distance and spatial relations. When Mercury and Uranus cooperate by being in aspect, it endows the native with the ability to direct the body to make the changes needed to score the winning basket.

One of the few persons with more championship rings than Jordan is Bill Russell; he also has an enhancement of Uranus and Mercury, along with more planetary aspects than almost anyone else.

—Graf, Gretzky, and Navratilova all have very similar Planetary Geometry to Jordan's, which is why they are all so well suited for sports. Laver's Planetary Geometry is somewhat different. He derived his championship abilities from the two Dynamic Symmetrical Patterns. The Sun, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn form one; and Jupiter, Pluto, and Venus create the other. All five of these great athletes have Turbulent Aspects and Saturn Aspects, and all five were helped by them.

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