Every Natal Aspect Is a Sign of a Gift or a Special Talent

After an enormous amount of research, the Magi Society discovered that without exception, every aspect can provide the native with unusual talents and skills (if the native works hard to improve himself or herself). The Magi Society believes that all of us can use each and every natal planetary aspect to help us obtain a special talent or skill, or we can be influenced by the presence of the planetary aspect in our birth chart. The choice is ours. Hitler was weak-willed in this regard, and he let his Venus-Mars aspect get the better of him. He could have harnessed the power of the aspect to provide him with a special talent, such as graceful bodily movements, money from sports, a beautiful body, and so on. But instead, he took the most undisciplined and immoral route and ended up with a love of war. This was his choice, not the stars' choice.

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