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Although there are seven possible angles that form planetary aspects, some angles are more important than others. The Babylonians knew right away that the conjunction and the trine were special. The trine and the conjunction are planetary aspects because they are formed when two planets are 0 or 120 degrees apart, respectively. But these two aspects were not like any of the other aspects.

The Babylonians realized that the conjunction was the most powerful aspect. This made sense because even before the Babylonians discovered the other six angles of aspects, they regarded a conjunction by itself to be a celestial sign due to the fact that the conjunction is what occurs between the Sun and Moon during a solar eclipse.

They also viewed the trine as exceptional. A Grand Trine consists of three trines and is the most powerful celestial sign that can be formed by three planets. This must have been the reason that the Babylonians correctly surmised that a single trine by itself was also at least a little special, although it was not quite as special as the conjunction.

The Magi Society has confirmed that of the seven different angles of planetary aspects, the trine and the conjunction create the strongest and most beneficial influences. For this reason, Magi Astrology has given them a special name. Both the trine and the conjunction are a special type of aspect called an ENHANCEMENT ASPECT, and we call the actual angles of these aspects ENHANCEMENT ANGLES. Both the 120-degree angle and the 0-degree angle are enhancement angles. Enhancement aspects are the most powerful aspects and also the most beneficial. You will see in chapter 7 when we teach you about your second birth chart that there are other ways to form enhancement aspects. But until then, an enhancement aspect is formed when two planets are aligned in a trine or conjunction. They deserve a special name because they are the most important and most powerful planetary aspects.

We are beginning to accumulate a lot of terms that may be unfamiliar to you. Please remember that there is a complete glossary at the back of this book. Every astrological term used in this book is defined and listed there in alphabetical order.

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