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By employing the theory of natalization, a good astrologer can explain how Hitler somehow was able to lead his whole country into a lunatic war. This is because the chart of the day Hitler became Germany's chancellor was extraordinarily powerful and was preserved through natalization. Hitler's own chart was not powerful, but the chart of the day he became chancellor was powerful enough to be able to lead a whole nation almost unquestioningly into a devastating war. That chart had two symmetrical patterns-it had two grand trines! There were two very significant celestial signs in the sky, which was just like Napoleon's birth chart. Napoleon was also able to lead his nation in a lunatic war. In both cases, there were celestial signs in the sky that warned us of this possibility. Also, in both cases, there were two Grand Trines in the sky with Mars as the key planet. The odds against this being a coincidence are well over ten million to one.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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