Different Planets Have Different Symbolisms

The Babylonians discovered that different planets have different symbolisms, and they also found out what some of the most important symbolisms were by analyzing the effect of planetary aspects. It is easy to duplicate the type of data that led the Babylonians to such remarkable discoveries

For example, please look at the Babylonian Alignment Charts for the day that Hitler invaded Poland, the day Hitler became chancellor of Germany, the day Napoleon Bonaparte was born, and the day that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. We can easily discern that there was at least one Grand Trine on all four of those very historic days.

But what is even more important is the fact that the planet Mars was a component of each of the Grand Trines. There were also two conjunctions (the most important aspect) in the four charts, and Mars was a component of both of them. There was a conjunction of Mars in the chart of the birth date of Napoleon, and for the day Hitler became

Germany's chancellor. Mars is a component of more planetary aspects in these four charts of war than any other planet, and only Mars is the common denominator of each symmetrical pattern (the Grand Trines) in all four charts of these superhistoric days.

Common sense would tell us that Mars probably has something to do with war. Let us go further.

At the end of this chapter, we have also provided you with the Babylonian Alignment Chart for another important date that led to World War 11. It is the chart for September 27, 1940 (Figure 4E). It is not very well known, but that was the date that Adolf Hitler as Germany's chancellor, Benito Mussolini as leader of fascist Italy, and Emperor Hirohito of Japan signed a treaty-a very, very unusual treaty.

Guess what the treaty was.

It was a war pact between Germany, Japan, and Italy to conquer and divide the world between them. Japan would be given greater Asia, and the rest of the world would belong to Germany and Italy. However, each nation had to go and conquer those areas through wars, and each of the three nations' leaders pledged to not interfere in each other's wars. In essence, these three obnoxiously power-hungry despots agreed to help each other in a worldwide war of conquest. The treaty has been called the Axis Pact because the three countries were referred to as the Axis nations, as opposed to the U.S., Great Britain, France, and so on, who comprised the Allies.

As was the case with the planetary aspects of the other four days of war that we already looked at, the planetary aspects of the day of the Axis Pact also revolved around Mars. It was a pact to wage a worldwide war, and there were two planetary aspects made by Mars on that day. Mars was conjunct to Neptune, and Mars was trine to Uranus.

Most of us would think that this type of data would lead one to surmise that Mars had something to do with war. That is also the way the Babylonians viewed it.

The charts mentioned above are examples of the type of data that led the Babylonians to discover that Mars probably had an influence over matters of war. Now we're only showing you five charts, which is not enough to allow anyone to be sure whether Mars sym bolizes war. This is because we only have room in this book for a few interesting examples. But the Babylonians had well over 1,000 years of charts, data, and experience when they came to their conclusion that Mars ruled war.

It was from similar examples and data that the Babylonians discovered some of the other key symbolisms of the planets.

By the way, the Planetary Geometry of the Axis Pact deserves special mention. On that day, Mars was conjunct to Neptune, and both planets were trine to Uranus. This is an example of what Magi Astrology calls a CONJUNCTED TRINE. This is a special shape of Planetary Geometry, and each special shape has a different level of power. In the hierarchy of the power of the different shapes of Planetary Geometry, the Conjuncted Trine ranks just below the Grand Trine in power. So this is a very powerful pattern. In fact, we will see that this is a key pattern in the astrology of love relationships.

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